TLDR: We set out to rescue Merula and found where she was headed. There we fought the Chemist (Illestra), the Alchemist and a fire troll. They defeated us and imprisoned those that survived (Herogenn and Critter died) with Merula. Raq freed us we escaped, where chased by the Chemist and the troll. We killed Illestra and Merula used some kind of magic to poof the troll away, then passed out. We traveled back to bury the deceased.

DM: Omelette
Date: July 24 – August 9


  • Herogenn (Cleric 2) (Geon-blud)
  • Critter (Ranger 2) (Hallowman)
  • Galli (Wizard 4) (tiffthatsit)
  • Beralt (Blood hunter 4) (Espada)
  • Raq (Swordmage 3) (Qarlynd)
  • Slissezh (Warlock 4) (TheOddity)

Back at it again

Just back from last mission were we gathered the whereabouts of Merula, who has been essential in our fight against the so-called “Master“. She had left with 15 men to gather information about the some of the Masters lieutenants but hadn’t returned. We has gathered that she were north of the Steiner’s Conclave, and expected she had been captured and set off to rescue her.

During the travel south towards the Conclave we met the strange man with a mushroom house again, fighting of a giant vulture. He’s probably spying on us for unknown reason, since we often met him or the woman with him. They can move their house where they want to but still they cross our path often lately it seems. Note to self: Need to figure out what he’s up to.

The only other hiccup on the way to the location we’d been given was goblins riding on giant vultures that attacked during one night. Turns out that goblins are not very good a flying once they lose their birds. Some moments later we were back resting.

When passing a goblin camp near the bridge they told us that the area is cursed. But they probably don’t know what they are talking about anyway. Probably just goblin superstition.

A strange creature apparently walked up the about 100 ft from the camp during the night and collapsed. It was a bloated corpse filled with acid. Raq claimed that it was some kind of reanimation magic that used acid, but it dissolves the body and it only keep the body going for a couple of days. Amateurish methods.

We followed the path were the acid monster had walked, easy enough with the acid burns on the vegetation. The tracks led us to a stone formation that revealed it had a portal. Out of the portal came two figures at first, and later a third.

Mutated fire troll

Illestra had some strange decoctions that could paralyze us, and the troll kept regenerating. It we learned the hard way that fire was healing the troll instead of killing it like a normal troll. We later learned that ice is needed to kill the troll. After a long battle they defeated us and the ones who survived woke up in prison cells. Raq managed to use a some furniture as a lever and lift the cell door off their hinges and then do the same to free the rest of us, and Merula who was also kept in the dungeon, weak but alive. All her men she brought with her had died or been used in their experiments. (Probably one of them we found near our camp.) Curiously though she had some silver and gold lines put into her skin.

After looking around we found our stuff and the corpses of Herogenn and Critter. We brought them with us in our escape to prevent them from being used in other experiments. The tortle was especially hard to bring to we put them on a table and dragged the table with us. It seemed like they habitants of this pocket dimension were doing other stuff because we met no resistance on our way out. The party was determined to bring the bodies home so we used the table as a raft and lead them on the river back towards the bridge.

Raq also left his sword as some kind of tracker, hoped they would pick it up. He claimed to be able to know where it is at all time. Shortly after Raq notices that his sword has started to move rapidly towards us, and not long after we see Illestra riding the troll with Raqs sword. We had managed to put the river between us and the chasers and it seemed like the troll was hesitant going into the water. Galli used her magic to make Illestra go unconscious but the troll were now going through the river towards us.

Then something strange happened, Merula terrified and shaken started to screaming and the silver and golden lines started to glow. She managed to gather some kind of magic, what it is I do not yet know. I felt a pull, like some force wanted to take me away, but I managed to resist it, and apparently all of us did except the troll, which just vanished. Afterwards Merula collapsed and went unconscious, unable to be woken up at the time of writing.

The two sisters

We had a slow but peaceful way back to the goblin camp, and they informed us that there were some sisters with a wagon in the camp. We talked to them and they agreed to let us travel on their wagon, but they didn’t want to tell us their name. Strange they were, but they took us close to Port Mirandia so not all bad.