DM: Grumpy
PCs: Ragnar. Garoth Ungart, Solomon, Theren Liadon, Jax

I decided it would be good to see how I can venture without Isaac, so I gathered some comrades and we ventured a bit around town.

On our first day of venture we found a campfire with some tracks. we followed the tracks a bit, but they disappeared near the crater southwest of Town. We found no hints on what happened  to the tracks. Garoth searched for undead or fiends with his divine senses but did not found any.

Since it was getting late and I had to go back to town to meet with Velikos for some lightning therapy we went back to town and rested. After I got my shocking dose and a good rest, we decided we should check out the church near the portal. That sounded like a good Plan and was well in my reach.

So we went out again. we saw the portal on our way and found the church. There was some recent traffic in form of tracks near the church and we decided to enter carefully. There was a dead and ripped up body on the floor. We walked up the right balcony and Ragnar opened a door. instantly we there in combat with some ogres.

After defeating the ogres we found some sort of Broken Magic Circle. Maybe something had let been out. We explored the church further and discovered a pair of half-ogres discussing something before an other magic circle, we went ahead and found some more ogres and Ragnar charged in. During the Fight the half-ogres joined in and Theren’s hand got crippled by a lucky hit from one ogre, luckily it was restored as i healed him with my magic. Suddenly the last standing ogre disappeared through the floor, so we made it quick to get out there and fought the two remaining half-ogres.

The last standing half-ogre pulled out a wand and shot a Lightning Bolt through Ragnar. Garoth and Solomon. Garoth and Solomon went down, Solomon crumbled to ashes. I hurried up and put some Healing into Garoth to bring him back up, sadly there was nothing we could do to our brave friend Solomon.

Shortly after we heard a Voice: “Release me Heroes” we found a being trapped into the magic circle there the half-ogres first stood. One of us sensed a celestial Aura around him and the being introduced him self as Salazan. He told us that he was imprisoned here with Bahal an archdevil to keep him in check. Bahal escaped recently, with the help from the ogres. He asked us to help him getting free and aid him in his mission to stop Bahal.

Someone asked what he could do for us in return, he sighed a bit and offered a wish in return. Since his story sounded reasonable and he looked honest, I thought we should help him and wish for Solomon to get back to live. Ragnar tried to tell us that he does not trust Salazan and we should no release him. After some discussion back and forth I suddenly felt the urge to help Salazan and break the seals holding him.

After he was released and we told him our wish for Solomon to get back to live he created some sort of small ash dragon out of Solomon’s ash and said “Here is your friend back, better then before.” His celestial aura shifted into a more fiendish one. He thanked us for releasing him and left to “hunt Bahal”. We realized that he had not really told the truth. “Solomon” also crumbled back to ash as soon as Salazan left.

We went back to town to tell our tale and warn about Salazan. I brought the wand to Isaac and he Identified it as a wand of lightning bolts. At least i have found something that will keep my heart beating for now.