I Climbed a Mountain and then Died

PC’s: Q’ithos, Abel, Rose, Khaos, Birk, Quinn
DM: Geokhan

What was supposed to have been a simple road building session turned into another couple of days of horror. First we were given a warning about a strange humanoid aberration from the void, then we were beset by baboons and woman headed lionesses whose voice could charm us…. finally the summoner came to deal with us personally. Using an army of crabs and all manner of deadly magic, they kept most of the party in a near constant dying state upon the ground – with just the healing abilities of our still quite fresh group keeping us alive. Truly it was a sight to see as Rose managed to mend wound after wound from a distance…. sadly it wasn’t enough for poor Q’ithos. The foul creature performed multiple explosions of dark magic and fired off a few darts of force that ended the warrior’s life in front of us all. In the end it was the actions of Birk that saw the rays of hope shine through the darkened night.