DM: Grumpy
PCs: Ragnar, Isaac, Treylan, Wulfgar, Mili’Anderus, Jax

I have told you how we accidently set free the Devil Salazan and how we have planed to send him back to the Nine Hells. Now it was time to act.

The road to Salazan
We hold an counseling in White Moon Cove to discuss how and there we best confront Salazan. The decision was made to visit king Zix and ask for his help or if we could use his protected throne room. On our way to Zix’s kingdom we met some kind of rock man near the entrance of the kobold mines. Mili’Anderus talked with him in a language i could not understand. After a while we moved on and into the mine. Some kobolds fully armored in plate greet us as we entered. we made clear that we there from White Moon Cove and are here to see king Zix. They led us to the throne room, but Isaac had to stay outside becuase Zix still was not amused by his theft.

Annoying king Zix
Speaking the king Zix he allowed us to summon Salazan in his throne room, but Isaac has to stand out if he won’t kiss the kings feet and apologize. A kobold was sent to bring Isaac here so that he could apologize. But Isaac refused to kiss the feet of king Zix and showed greate diplomatic skills by annoying king Zix, to the point he almost threw a fireball at us. Finaly he offered king Zix a valuable scroll and was allowed to fight in his throne room. King Zix made sure that everything was brought out of the room and assured us that no kobold nor king Zix himself will help us in any other way.

sticking to a flawed plan
Mili’Anderus and my self questioned if this room is realy a good plan, since it would also make half of our team kind of useless and  happen the powers of most of us. Since we just assumed that Salazan’s power would be lessened here and the room would hinder his escape, I more then once suggested that maybe we should not fight here but the others still wanted to follow the plan.

The fall of Salazan
So Wulfgar tried to summon Salazan, but it did not work, since only a spellcaster would be able to use the scroll to summon him. Isaac stepped in, read the scroll and it finaly worked. Together with Salazan two Demons there summoned. I was a bit puzzled, because since then do Demons work with devils but maybe there was something else up to them. Salazan was also accompanied by a Celomar, or at someone how looked like him, but his fighting skills remembered me of Master Velikos.
We focused out strength on Salazan, trying to defeat him as quickly as possible but it looked like that Celomar is an even bigger thread, as he easily takes out Treylan and goes after Mili’anderus afterwards. While we brought Salazan down quite a bit, one of the demons slew Mili’anderus. Since my healing magic does not work here and Salazan attempted to flee i decided to act quickly and throw another lightning bolt at him, finally slewing Salazan.

in memory to Mili’Anderus
I hoped I would be able to chuck a healing potion into Mili’Anderus afterward, but the cruel Celomar smote our dying friend in half, before I could act, only to flee afterward. Wulfgar got a good hit on him and Celomar did not get far away, as he ran into king Zix, waiting outside the room. The king made it quick and slew Celomar.
The demons also stopped fighting and there to leave, not really getting their intention, i threw some magic missiles from the Wand Treylan handed me before the fight started into one of them. Not amused by that he started to charge me, but a quick slash from Wulfgar defeated him, before he was able to reach me. The other one ignoring us, not interested into fighting us made a run. Wulfgar  tired to follow him but was not fast enough.

The way back
I went over to Celomar’s body to se if he was still living or gone for good, he looked now a bit differently, but i did not get any clues. The others wanted to explore the area a bit more trying to find a mine. I had to leave, so i whished them farewell and made my way back to White Moon Cove.