by Omelette | 11-October-2021 | Logs

DM: Calmseeker

  • TheOddity-Dimble
  • Naiiz-Alessio
  • Omelette-Orgeron
  • Trulhummaren-Iso Kur
  • Waylander-Dantrag
  • Troy-Cavendish

We startedof in Ruined Oak when a young Dwarf named Kilion, apprentice ambassador for Rehope Dwarves aprouched at the Bitter Dwarf Inn. Once everyone was present Kilion told us thathe had been attacked by kobolts and that a spare seal had been stolen though he diid not know to what end. He told us of the aproxomate location the robery took place before we bid our farewells.

We gained good ground on the first leg of the journey, moving at a wonderfull pace. The first night was quiet with the exception of a few ravens passing overhead. It was when we neared the monastery that Alessio spotted the tracks of what seemed to be kobalts along with that of an half elf. We continued our travel and came accross strange small watermellons that could only be seen by those with darvision, note that when eaten the person turns green.

That night during the first watch Cavendish spotted three flyin gcreatures heading towards the campsite. With some study it was descerned that two of the creatures were manticores and the third a chimera, moments later a miotaur joined in. The battle was hardfaught and won. we took our spoiles of victory and continued our rest.

During the morning travel we came accros a destroyed wagon where we found the forementioned halfelf. The halfelf turned out to be Ougon, a monk from the Monastery of the Rushing Stream who too was on the trail for the same band of kobolts with the goal of aproaching the kobalt fortification as close as posible to gather information that might be of value at a later date. We continued our travels eastwards with Ougon, our new companion in tow.

It was during that nights third watch that Dantrag noticed three flying kobolt passing above and not seeing our camp. The next morning we chose to continue on a slower pace for our own safety. That afternoon we came across an outpost where Ougon allong with some of our party aprouched as close as posible gathering info before returning to us so that we may continue our search.

We came across allarm spells that was dealt with allowing us pasage without notifying the enemy of our presence. We reached a small camp finding kobolts and mercenaries scattered throughout the camp. With some failed stealth attempts the battlestarted and was truely hard won as a magic using kobolt emerged from a tent bombarding the party with firebals. Orgeron was at one point dancing with death as the magic using kobalt had dropped two fireballs and an ice storm on him. He merely smirked as Alessio was able to get the final shot in killing the magic using Kobolt.

During the battle Ougon was able to knock out one of the kobolts that we then took with us as it seems the fireballs had alerted the nearest outpost of intruders. With haste we vacated the scene after finding the seal we were searching for. The journey back was quiet as the dome Iso erected blended with the seroundings hiding us from any flying scouts.

We left the captured kobolt with Ougon at the monastery continueing on our journey home. During our last night on the road Iso noticed a body around 100ft from the camp. once everyone had gotten their rest the body was inspected finding it had been bitten by a venomous snake. A name stiched into the vest identified the boddy as Sipper. we burried the body then continued on our path reaching town within a couple of hours and glad to be back.