The Squad: 5-9

DM: Calmseeker

Zerdan – Scout

Zugall – Leader

Balthier – Cartographer

Don – Portable hospital

Bardy – Trailblazer

Marcus – Portable hospital

Griters – Griters

The Path:

Location of Outpost Tarnation

We began at ruined oak, and right after exiting we encountered a pegasus that came down to greet us, leaving one of its feathers behind which Balthier kept.

Heading over the bridge south of ruined oak, the party made way to continue the line of outposts between RO and Port Mirandia

Going to the first outpost there, we smelled sulfur in the air and came by some hot springs.

Not much occured across the two already built outposts, even further when we met with Philbert and his workers, all seemed clear.

As we reached the destination, we set up to watch and guard as the workers began putting together the outpost.

The forest was not so happy about that it seems, as a gargantuan shambling mound came out to greet us with its friends a lightning type tree, a steel type tree and a poison type troll. They were very effective in their first rounds, then I summoned my fire type elemental, it was not very effective as I…sort of lost control over it.

So after dispatching the forest’s team and putting down charizard, I named the elemental charizard by the way, it sounded like it fit.

Anyway after putting charizard out of its misery, we continued to watch the workers work.

At night, then came rumbles through the ground.

The earth caved open and three rather dwarf purple worms came out at us herded by a large orcish man.

He claimed to want our outpost for himself, he wasn’t very happy to find we were against that.

With our casters very effective stunning the purple worms, our rangers dispatched the giant, clearly way over his head.

Then one by one we ran the young purple worms down, as Zugall decided to meet their size, literally by growing large and then drinking a potion of enlargement…

As he wrestled the worms down, we took them out, clearing the assault.

The next morning the outpost was officially complete, and we began a peaceful journey back to ruined oak, encountering a well of magic, an obelisk that would age you, and finally the mysterous turkey feather at ruined oak’s gates.

What does the turkey feather mean?

Who left the turkey feather there?

Where is the rest of the turkey?

We may never find out the answers to these questions.