Hello Everyone,

My private messages have been overflowing with your concerns and queries.
Let me update you all in regards to Kor and tease something coming.

Saying Thanks
First let me start of with saying thank you.

We as a community have made a lot of positive progress in the last year and I want to say thank you for the trust and support everyone has given me in leading Sleeper Island and even the year before that by playing and interacting in my sessions while I was a DM.

Looking Back
Looking back, the platform and the community has changed a lot.
Let’s take a look through the past.

We have hosted 1116 sessions between January 2018 and the time of posting. This doesn’t even include sessions run from July 2017 until December 2017.
Every session being at least 4 hours long means that we have hosted 4464 hours of D&D sessions on Sleeper Island.
With 6 players per session that comes to a total of 26,784 hours committed to D&D sessions from players on Sleeper Island

We have hosted 996 sessions between March 2018 and the time of posting. This doesn’t even include sessions run from July 2017 until February 2018.
Every session being at least 4 hours long means that we have hosted 3984 hours of D&D on Sleeper Island.

The real number is even greater, as there have been many sessions reaching 6 hours, 12 hours or even 18 hours in length!

Achievements & Progress
-Play by Post introduction in 2018 by Nastaris
-Play by Post rework by aDragon, Nastaris, Qarlynd, Rasz
-World Map redesign through the efforts of MK and Darkhelm.
-Twitch Redesign by KCutajar
-(In the works) Random Table overhaul, update and expansion
-General rule update and cleanup
-Major balance overhauls and changes to the island
-Introduction of Witness Me role and the Character Made custom commands
-Improved session consistency and quality
-Improved collaboration between DMs
-The SleeperIsland.EU website launch on 7 April 2019, 3 months after starting production
-Sleeper Island Crafting
-Crafting – Adding SI Homebrewed Cooking Craft thanks to Reddest and friends.
-More DMs have joined the team
-New character creation video
-Server Arc: The Rot

We have made a lot of progress together, forged new stories and had great experiences together and I look forward to another year together.

Update – About Kor
As my overflowing inbox showcases many people have questions about Kor’s return to the server, heres a bit of history for the new folk.
Kor is the original creater of the current version of Sleeper Island, way back in the summer of 2017.

He is welcome to be a part of the DM team, as an active DM or a behind the scenes DM.
We are happy that Kor has stated he’s not back to walk in and try to take over.

The money in the old Patreon account will be moved to the new Patreon in monthly installments so the funds can be used where they were supposed to be to make the game better and to keep it moving forward.

The sleeperisland.com domain will be transfered to me so the website can use .com and/or .eu

My goal is to have the server ownership on a non personal @sleeperisland.eu account so that the server can continue without being dependent on a single person.
To this degree, I’ve requested that Kor relinquish server ownership but at this point in time he is, understandably, unwilling to do so.
We hope that he will come to realize that the request is for the peace of mind and longevity of the server, and politely ask that he reconsider.

As Kor has stated there are many people, including myself, that have been troubled by the sudden absence, to say the least.
Kor disapeared at the end of 2018 and we have been trying to get in contact with Kor since January 2019.

The disappearance of Kor put a lot of stress on the staff and the community, so much so that it was approaching a breaking point. We are happy to hear Kor is doing fine.
This is in the past now and we should focus on moving forward and resolving open issues.

Sleeper Island has grown and changed over the years and it is a very different beast now then 2 years ago, we have outgrown the old mindset.

We want to avoid drama and fights and believe that any issues & points will be talked about and resolved.
It is important to take the path best for Sleeper Island and not the path of personal benefit.

Tease Holidays 2019 & Project Roadmap
Christmas 2019 is coming up and I took a week of private time off to relax at home, finish some tasks and run thematic Christmas sessions.

In addition to fun sessions there are going to be a couple of in character and out of character events, items and a raffle.

Website Rework – Goal: End of 2019
–Faster (different) framework
–New Mission Board
–New Mission Sign up tracking
–Story Timeline
–New Player Log Editor (With more text variety* and options)
–New Player Knowledge Base
–New DM Knowledge Base
–New DM Collaboration Platform

I will be putting the new website through a stress and security test, if you want to help send me a private message.

We’re looking forward to seeing you around for the Christmas holidays, whether it be for a session, an event or a nice social chat.

Thank you,

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