Okay, so it wasn’t just me though this is the second portal I assisted in clearing.  This portal clearing mission was also accomplished with my friends Valorean, Tingork, Lysing, Sammal, and a strange new individual named Britney.  Apparently the origins of this portal code were from that underwater temple I visited with others recently. I think we had a mistranslation at first and thought it was CQE but it was in fact GQE.  Letters are hard sometimes.  Anyway, this intrepid ground of adventures met at the Axe and Thistle and then set out.  Shortly before going through the new portal though we made ready for anything that could happen as soon as we went through.  This included being given a potion of growth!  This is the second time I have swelled to twice my normal size and I have to say I quite like the feeling.  Being a bit hardier than most I made my way through the portal though admittedly I had to crawl due to my increased height. Not very dignified but I am not sure I have a reputation for dignity on the island at this point.

As I crawled out of the portal, I was able to glimpse a triple canopy jungle almost immediately out the door of what appeared to be a stone temple of some sort.  That was all I was able to see as we were suddenly beset upon by a large stone creature and smaller casters of a sort.  During this battle, the large stone statue man attempted to push me and several others into the pit that resided underneath the portal.  The stone creature and the casters using magic were successful with a few and they were yeeted tossed down into the pit and landed in a pool of acid some 80 feet below.

I had to kill the large stone creature twice and then he too fell down into the pit.  Not believing him to be actually dead I jumped down from the top level to a second level and then down to the bottom to ensure he stayed dead. From there we made short work of the remaining foe and set about to investigate the place.  I did not see the murals on the second floor at first, but they were later described to be something that has to do with a flood and the building of this temple and depictions of other races.  We still have no idea where on the island this temple is.  Hopefully, further explorations will be able to figure that out.