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The Direct Democracy System (DDS) is a form of democracy in which people decide on policy initiatives directly. The Allied Freeholds of Katashaka (AFK) are governed by a DDS.

In the case of Sleeper Island, the DDS allows the player base to propose and institute a new policy or amend an existing policy within the game universe of Sleeper Island. Out-of-universe proposals should be handled using the #suggestion channel system.

Use the -democracy command in #democracy-vote-discussion to initiate a democracy vote. Be sure to utilize the proper template (described under the next tab on this page) when crafting your voting initiative or it may have to be reworked into the proper format before moving forward in the process.

The vote initiator (you) should make themselves available to Sleeper Island constituents (voters) so they can explain any particulars of the vote or address concerns as they arise in the #democracy-vote-discussion channel.

This template below should be copy-pasted and the areas denoted by {insert…} replaced as needed to inform voters of the primary goal of the initiative and any specific knowledge that may be pertinent to helping them make an informed decision.


-democracy **I propose {insert a brief, preferably one-sentence, proposal that explains the primary change(s) being voted upon.}**

This change will positively impact the Sleeper Island experience by {insert why the change will positively impact the alliance.}

{insert any supporting evidence or reasoning to reinforce both your primary proposal and why it will be a positive impact.}

The current time period for votes is set to one week to allow the player base ample time to make their views known. As with other aspects of the DDS a player may propose the time period be changed through the DDS.

Players are the driving force for all decisions made through this system. Once an issue is voted upon, it is on the players to implement the proposal and enforce as necessary.


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