PBP Session that will likely go for 2ish weeks
21:00 - 21:00


Level 01-04,
Level 05-09

PBP – No Clue

Let’s do a thing. What thing you ask? I haven’t a clue. I had a few good suggestions in my channel. Maybe it’ll be one of those, maybe it’ll be something new and exciting, or maybe you’ll wander the island aimlessly like murderhobos! You decide… just you know. Let me know so I can prep.

Post your thoughts in my channel, rasz-kitchen-knife, and sign on up. But do remember this is a PBP so it’ll run for awhile and you’ll be locked out of other sessions while in it. Also make sure to clearly mark your available times so I can make sure everyone is in vaguely the same timezone, it really helps keep combat moving.

And one last thing, PM me your favourite summer activity? The time we’d normally be out enjoying summer is almost upon us. What’s covid making you miss?