13:00 - 19:00


Level 05-09,
Risk 07 Death is likely.

Tomb of the Prince

A request has come from the Khenra to clear a tomb.

Fantasy Grounds Unity Session

Level: 7
Party size: 5-6 characters
Time: 5 to 7 hours.
Risk Level: Risk 7 Death is Likely

This mission is for;
Five or Six characters with an Average Party Level of 7.

Below is roleplay and mission assignment.

The portal near Ruined Oak opens as a creature comes flying through.
Heading to Ruined Oak where it screeches loud;

“‘Kahlzi Zak Si’ah’kahl’fa, Kas’de’ril’naïr’se”

Not hearing a response it goes the tavern and places a note outside after which it returns from where it came.

You told me to contact you, if you read this note I was unable to.
I’m unable to allocate resources during these time of war, expansion and reclamation.

I’ve got a job for your nation, it needs to be discrete, so five or six of your soldiers, no beginners and no high profile targets, but I need those that can handle themselves.

There is a Tomb I need assistance with, I need it cleared for renovations and I need something retrieved, there is a pitch black scroll case with a scroll inside, it will stand out.
Bring it to me without breaking its seal

The Tomb is guarded, containing many dangerous traps and potentially corrupted by the deserts curse.

To improve your odds take a small one, take a tricky handy one, take a intellectual one.

It is a dangerous request, the area around the tomb is corrupted, so as payment you can keep the gold, weapons and armor that you find and I will pay you on top.
Leave the ceremonial and cultural equipment.

Don’t take what I seek, if you do I will see it as a declaration of war.
Do not cross me.

Rashida from the Department of Security.