Part 4 of the Patchification

It is still in the works but we are now ready to release the next parts of the Patchification.

Today’s Patch contains change 20, 21, 23, 18, 17, 12

Change 21 – Work for the people, by the people

The Task Board System.

You can put up a Task Request on the Task Board.
Select an activity from the pre-defined activity list, the available pre-defined tasks have pre-defined costs.
All tasks will be subject to a [20]% gold tax.

To put up a task, fill in the Task Request Template and post it in #Task-Board.

When your Task is verified by a Moderator or DM, they will take the gold from your character to be held until the Task is fulfilled.

When the Task has been completed, the character(s) that completed the task will fill in and post the Task Completion Template and post it in #Task-Board to inform you about their completed task.

Activity Gold Reward
Road Building 50 GP per Hex, 6 Hexes per mission reward maximum.

Moderators or DM’s will verify and reward the gold.
Each Task reward will have a [20]% tax deduction from the total amount of gold to be rewarded. This is to help ease the spread of gold distribution between players.

  1. Your character can’t claim a reward from a task that any of your characters put up.
  2. If you are in a party where a task reward is claimed from a task that you put up, your share of the reward is destroyed.
  3. The task reward is split between all surviving characters upon session and task completion.

Change 20 – Follow the road to the Outpost

A new building, the Frontier Outpost.

Requires a Road that leads to Town.
Needs to be 8 hexes away from a Town.
Needs to be 8 hexes away from another Outpost.

Frontier Outposts prevent random monster encounters while long resting there.
Frontier Outposts can be attacked, which will generate a defense or reclamation mission.

  1. Requires a Road that leads to Town.
  2. Needs to be 8 hexes away from a Town.
  3. Needs to be 8 hexes away from another Outpost.

The upkeep of a Frontier Outpost is Pay per Use instead of monthly.

Cost: 5000 GP & 1 Session
Pay per use:
5 GP per Creature (2x per node away from town)
1st in Chain – 5 GP per Creature (8 hexes)
2nd in Chain – 10 GP per Creature (16 hexes)
3rd in Chain – 20 GP per Creature (24 hexes)
4th in Chain – 40 GP per Creature (32 hexes)
5th in Chain – 80 GP per Creature (40 hexes)

Change 22 – RAW for Find spells

We are returning to rules as written for the Find spells.

Find Familiar
Find Steed
Find Greater Steed

While the buff of maximum HP was nice we feel like the permanent buff isn’t necessary for a spell that has no negatives using our summoning rules, we will reevaluate the other permanent spells at some point.

Change 5 – A change to the Downtime Training

We are changing the paid employment for the downtime training option at level 7 and at level 13.

It was creating a constant gold flow into the player base as a downtime activity in addition to the potential loot found in sessions. It ends up being willed from player to player as it is mostly left in the tavern.

It also felt wrong that as you come of age you get an allowance without role-playing the paid employment.

We want to stimulate adventurers to take risks and go out to get their pay day.
There will be difficult places that can be looted and quests that can be done to earn larger amount of gold outside of town.

Train a Feat and Train 2 Skills, or Tools, Languages, or a Combination will remain.

Changed: Work in Paid Employment.
You can spend your downtime working.

At level 7 you will be paid 2,500 gp for your service to the town. (Reduced from 5,000gp)

At level 13 you will be paid 7,500 GP for your service to the town (Reduced from 15,000gp)

Patch 18 – Trailblazer overland travel

You fancy trailblazers with your trailblaze jackets are getting more important.

Your overland travel speed can be impacted by your survival roll when going out into the wilderness.

The exact details wont be shared but the DM’s are up to date in regards to the numbers and will take your survival rolls much more serious.

Patch 17 – Crafting 2.5

As you all know our Crafting system has been an ever evolving one since its first introduction into the game.

After the release of Crafting 2.0 we have been monitoring crafting and its usage and after much discussing we are announcing the following changes:

  • Learning a tool now costs 600gp, this can be paid as lump sum on the first week or over a period of 10 weeks. (The price of gold is no longer effected by your Int Mod)
  • Time to learn a tool has been increased from 10 weeks to 15 weeks (Still effected by the School Buff and your INT mod)
  • The x2 penalty for playing while learning a tool has now been removed
  • Crafting Recipes can now be found as loot. These can be traded like scrolls
  • There are now rare drops in the world known as Instruction Manuals
    These Item consumables can be used to decrease your total amount of weeks spent learning.
    Each player can only use one manual per different tool

Patch 12 – Lesser Magic Item Rules

Lesser Magic Items will be added to the roster.

The items are not necessarily buyable, but they are priced and bot functional and could show up in a future restock.

We also have included rules to standardize lesser items and their power.

Total non-rechargeable charge of a lesser item:
Maximum charge -1 + average recharge at dawn

Rules in regards to lesser item: If a lesser item has an ability that normally costs no charges, the ability costs 1 charge now.

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