Player to Player Marketplace all trades are 75% value of roster value.

Confirm trades and mods will take care of the rest

P2P Market

Item Name P2P Price Sellers
wdt_ID Item Name P2P Price Sellers
6 Half Plate Armor 562.50 Haru, Aramil
8 Jade (100 gp) 75.00 Artix, Phil, Gronk, Verrick, Aria
10 Scroll of Bestow Curse 150.00 Aseir, Peppington
11 Scroll of Blindness/Deafness 90.00 Aseir, Peppington
13 Pearl (100 gp) (x2) 75.00 Jub, Theren, Nog, Glorion
14 Black Pearl (500 gp) 375.00 Jub, Theren, Nog, Glorion
19 Scroll of Bane 45.00 Baxter, Dulgala, Peppington
22 Iron Bands of Bilarro 3,000.00 Jax, Aashas, Ophelia, Kaine, Dan
24 Scroll of Druid Grove 960.00 Phil, Te'sil, Isaac, Shiisthel, Jax
25 Scroll of Burning Hands (2x) (Scribe Only) 45.00 Te'sil, Haru, Ragna, Isaac