The Academy Archive

Welcome fellow adventurer, to the The Academy Archive, this is managed by the foolish and brave, those that go out and hope to return, the greater powers that be ignore this place so it’s up to us to keep it updated, when you check out an item from the catalog make sure you update it and keep it accurate for asking the divine will give you nothing.

Artifact Name DM Status Description Related Artifacts Researched Date of Research Related Logs
Image wdt_ID Artifact Name DM Status Description Related Artifacts Researched Date of Research Related Logs
1 Waterproof Deep One Book Faz The only readable passage is a poem in deep speech that reads She, her, I worshipThe underness and blackFor rise she willInto the hated dryAnd make that dessicated land dark and moistHer breath will fathom it Deep Ones No
2 Amulet of the Horned King Atlas An amulet relating to the Horned King's Maze. We think it is some sort of key. No
3 Giant Metal Meteorite Core Atlas Not much is currently known. It acts solid on the ground but when picked up it acts like a very thick liquid. No
4 Orb of the Magic man Justen Destroyed during deep on finale The key to make the deepone's powerless Magic man things Yes
5 Book of the Magic man Justen A journal of what we think is from the magic man Magic man things Yes
6 A golden clockwork key Justen Its a small key to open up stone doors with a tiny golden lock Magic man things Yes
7 Ritual book of the Magic man Justen Not very much is know about it. The only thing we know is its the key/ritual to unlock the orbs power and it look like high level magic on par with Isaac magic, or maybe even beyond him. The book itself does not appear to be magical. Magic man things Yes
8 A key ring with key's on it from the necromancer dungeon Mith Key one opened a strong box Key two open up a trap door that leads to a cave One of the keys works on the main door in the ruins that leads into the underground area No
9 Crystal of Sir Albert Lore A powerful communication crystal that will allow us to stay in contact with Sir Albert. I dont think anyone else can be contacted with this crystal. Sir Albert No
10 Oval-Handled Silver Key Revy A key with an oval handle found in a pool of water deep within the a deep one cave No