Remembering Rasically Reviled Rot Revelations

“It began innocent enough. A gravestone here, a dead body there. Strange mushrooms and words describing a disease referred to only as the “Rot”. It went nearly unnoticed at first, several adventurers exuding a noxious oder for several weeks but with little other ill effects. Let this entry in Isaac’s Inncyclopedia stand as a warning for all who listen however, the Rot is not to be ignored. Contained herein is the collective knowledge of the Rot as gathered from the sacrifices of adventurers from White Moon Cove.”

Encounter with the Grung, Mk. 2

Mission report penned by Ugruk Stargazer Githenoshkira. Requests for further inquiry may be left at the Axe and Thistle. Background: During a previous incursion into the forest north of White Moon Cove, several members of the expedition encountered a tribe of grung...

The way to open The Way

Isaac must have finished using every spell he owned on every object he found, because he came by and rounded up Haru, Phil, Ragnar, and myself to go find new and exciting objects to over-study. This time he wanted us to go make contact with that giant fortress that stretches between one of the only gaps in the mountain range east of RO.