Players: Kavor, Theris, Cade, Xell, Taishina, IronAle

These Guys

Well, I set out to gets me some money. Just got to the island and dirt poor and in debt to Candlekeep up to my ears . You might think “oh your halfing so your ears are lower”, well its still alot.

The first job I found was some road building mission headed south so I jumped on it. Luckily, I didn’t have to build the road just watch over the ones that were. On the way down we came across a strange alter with a red door like entrance. We poked at it a bit and moved on, the road wasn’t going to build itself.

The first night some strange stuff happen, the workers all got possessed or something and went dancing for many hours till we figured something was wrong. Some Tinkerbell of sorts was effecting their mind, but the party drove it off.

we didn’t really get a good look at and I am glad

The next day we finally got to the end of the current road and setup camp for the night I was thinking about how the road building would go the next morning as the rest of the party yammed it up with the workers. The next morning turned out different then I expected however. We were meet by some elvish lady, or I think she was elvish, I was too busy looking for other dangers. She told the group that the land where we were gonna build the road belonged to them and they demanded to be paid. Well I didn’t have any money and if I did I wasn’t given it up to her. After some negotiations the group felt it was better just to head back and bring it up at the next town meeting or something.

On our way back we saw that same strange alter and decided to investigate it. Well I don’t know much about magicky stuff, but the other started to go through so I figured they knew what was up. I step through the red door portal thingy and the next thing I knew I was in some dungeon of sorts. Then we went down some twisty tunnels and found a room with a strange crystal in it and a hole. I spit in the hold but nothing came out. We also noticed strange drag makes from the hole leading off further into the dungeon. We followed it of course and the next room had a strange I guess magical circle on it that made Theris freeze up for a moment. I suggested just poking him with a stick but he snapped out of it.

We then went into the next room which was huge and there we found what had made the scratch marks. A chest had been dragged from the hole to this room and was just left. Well I say just left but their was a big ol’ pile of blood on the floor on the opposite side of the room. the poor dudes must have dropped the chest and fought something. Kinda silly I thought I would have just taking the loot.

That’s when it happen the ceiling reached out and grabbed me, at least that is what I thought at first. Turn out it was a strange pointy thing hanging for the ceiling with a bunch of arms that seemed to reach for miles as it was trying to snatch up ever one in the room. It pulled me close and I just kept a whopping it with my sword, but just could not land a blow against it. I heard some fighting for the 2nd room but I didn’t pay too much attention to it as I was fighting for my life. It bit me hard and I went in and out of consciousness a few times but my party kept me up.

The next thing the critter did was once it got three of us up in the air, it dropped from the ceiling smacking us hard into the ground. About this time the rest of the party in the other room got done fighting what ever it was they were toying around with and finally lent a hand, and soon the creature was dead. But things got worse, as all the noise we were making stirred up more creatures and we could hear them getting closer. Well we said **** the chest, as it seemed to be real heavy and booked it to the door.

Well I earned two gold from that mission, I guess that better than nothing. I hope my next one goes better.they said it will be up north near an Inn. That cool I think at least at an Inn you don’t have to worry about things like giant spiders trying to eat ya.

I didn’t know what they were but I did look at the other things the group had been fighting. Real strange looking critters