DM: Calmseeker

Date: February 4th-19th, 2022 (PbP)

Party: Balthier (10), Dimble (10), Orgeron (8), Alessio (7), Rig (8), Wheeze (10), Jyn (11)

We were asked by Jacaranda to get a sapling of a tree called Telperion for Port Mirandia’s botanical gardens. Not knowing anything about these kind of trees, we visited the fey at the Forest of Thorns to ask them for a lead. For that, we had to ask for Stormwrath’s help, since he’s the one who’ve seen this tree lately.

Stormwrath is still locked, punished by the fey for the deal he made with a devil. He’s locked in a cave and doesn’t get a lot of food or water. We were warned by Treyvani not to get too close to his cell, fearing he might use what’s left of his powers to escape. According to him, a Telperion seed only grows after being blessed by a silver dragon. He gave us directions to Argentius’s lair, since he have seen one of these trees growing there.

Stormwrath is locked in a cave here. Don’t get too close to him

Arriving at Argentius’s cave, we saw Nifil the frost giant waiting outside the cave. He wanted to discuss the matter of the white dragons around the mountains with Argentius. Both Nifil and Argentius claimed that there were no recent issues with the white dragons.

Argentius told us to visit a druid named Rengamir in a village called Elmfield, who has a sapling and a seed of that special tree. He asked us to do him a favor, and in return he would bless the seed we will bring: He wanted us to fix his mirror, that was recently destroyed by the cloud giant Grinna. Yes, that mirror that can clone people that stored their hair inside it. The person who knows how to fix the mirror lives in the same village as Rengamir, and his name is Gyomin.

On our way to the village, we met a bard named Biliam Oris and a poor boy named Scottius, who turns out to be Dr. Evilus’ son, and that his father is giving him a hard time. We’ve encountered an illusion of Dr. Evilus before. Back then I thought he was a bit crazy, yet a funny guy. Now I know he’s just crazy.

Dr. Evilus’ son – Scottius.

Arriving at the village of Elmfield, we explained the situation to Rengamir. Naturally, things did not go smoothly, as it turns out Gyomin was kidnapped by Dr. Evilus a few days ago. He kidnapped him hoping that Gyomin would help him with a device that controls earthquakes and build new constructs for him. Standard things for a crazy evil guy.

Hoping there won’t be any further complications, we headed with Scottius to Dr. Evilus’ lair. This dude is very weird and narcissistic, his house full of pictures and statues of himself and his mini-clone. Orgeron did a magnificent job taking care of some of the drawings there. I don’t know much about that kind of art, but that’s what I would call art.

Orgeron improved the portraits of Dr. Evilus

In his house we also found a note written by the evil Dr.: “I was raised by wild aurochs and learned the art of music and dance through secretly entering a bard college disguised as a servant. Though I got kicked out after a year of subterfuge, I learned enough and gathered enough money to enrol in a school to hone my magic. It was then I realised the potential to harness greater tiers of magic through objects imbued with magic. Even enough to control the greater aspects of nature itself. Perhaps then I will have the entire Speckhome Glade under my beck and call. I guess if it doesn’t work out, I’ll take my clone and go to Trader’s Bay to start a bar.”

When we found Dr. Evilus, he was playing a piano, naturally. What else could an evil Dr. do. Gyomin was there, tied inside a watertank, and water started flowing inside. We fought Dr. Evilus and his mini clone, a flesh golem that was healed a few times by lightnings, a crazy witch-lady, a mage and a shark that shot laser beams. A standard evil party.

We fought and won, but sadly Dr. Evilus surrendered, meaning we had to spare his life. We took him back to Elmfield and made sure to prevent him from sleeping or casting spells. He was taken by Gyomin’s brother and his army to their kingdom, Gobaeksil Kingdom, to the north-west of Elmfield. They claim they have the means to lock him there safely. Honestly, I still don’t trust this evil Dr., and I’m pretty sure he already escaped, if that was even him in the first place.

Weirdly enough, both Dr. Evilus and his son showed interest in moving to Trader’s Bay and start working there. Maybe they are not so different after all?

While spending the day around Elmfield we also saw a magnificent phoenix, but other than that not much have happened.

We returned to Argentius, gave him the fixed mirror. Luckily, he did not ask us to give him a piece of our hair. I was worried he would ask and then start cloning adventurers again. He blessed the seed and the sapling. We gave one of them to Treyvani, and took the other to Port Mirandia. It already grew to be a lovely tree.

The new tree in Port Mirandia