Session Title: Return to Black Chasm Keep


Location: Fantasy Grounds Unity

Date: 8 FEB 22

Time: 0:00 UTC

Levels: 5 – 9

Risk: Risk 07 Death is likely.

1. @Genthrock(Hanbal/Kirnis/Fur) / Hanbal/ 9:Fighter6, Warlock3

2. @SlyOkami (Aneksi/Brekker) /Aneksi/5:Warlock2, Sorcerer2, Paladin1

3 @Neal (Eddings/Nahil/REMF) 10:Warlock8, Warlock2

4. @Troy (Wheeze/Cavendish/Babel) /Cavendish/8: Fighter7, Warlock1

5. @Waylander (Damian) +1 UTC Damian/Paladin6

6. @Tim (GarGot) UTC+1 / GarGot / 8: Druid7, Barbarian1

We set off to finish the clensing of someone’s basement other parties failed to accomplish, begining in Port Mirandia and heading west.

Arriving at the estate, we rested briefly before heading down into the deep under prepared with a map of what other parties managed to cartograph.

Slowly we cleared through the first tunnelways, entombing the tombs in tombs of entombing rubble.

We felled the occassional undead on our way through, until we arrived at a corner staircase, a choke point where the intelligent undead held us.

Slowly but surely we pushed through the enemy, until our valiant Damian flew over the remainder and attempted to fell their leader, whom seemed greatly injured after his descent.

Yet, the leader dissappeared and a large boney warrior ran at us from the darkness, keeping us busy just long enough as the leader snuck around us and cut us off from escape, before barraging us in cold hails and choking us with toxic clouds. We barely survived the magical assault, but after we had we turned on the leader and run him down with a dog.

No no, not like a dog, *with* a dog. Nahil summoned a beast of shadow to haunt its tracks, leading us after the seriously injured undead.

We went through the northern door by the staircase taking back out of these catacombs and found a sprawling cave-system, we scoured after the undead with the aid of the hound but, alas after reaching a great descent we lost its trail. Going down we found several pathways and multitudes of tracks, an eerie omen of what and how much moved down there.

Someone should most definately explore every nook and cranny of those caves as soon as possible and find whatever made all those hundreds of footprints, bloodstains and drag marks. Damian or Hanbal should have decent directions to give as to where we went, their noses seemed better than my own.

We eventually though decided to head back, taking our pay for the job and returning home.