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Tales of Sleeper Island #7 Deep Ones Finale (by Phineas)

Welcome to the Expedition to Sleeper Island

Sleeper Island is a 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons community set on the unexplored continent to the southwest of Faerun, known as Sleeper Island. This West Marches style game is focused on exploration, discovery, and clearing out this wild frontier land for future generations. Players of all different levels of experience, age, and nationality are welcome. Experience in Fantasy Grounds or Play by Post are helpful, but not necessary.

Join missions with new and familiar faces to uncover the mysteries still unfound in the perilous wilderness of Sleeper Island!

Sleeper Island

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Sleeper Island

“Now for whatever reason some of you left the mainland, let’s just put that behind us now.
You’re on Sleeper Island now and we need your help. Knuckle down and you can make a life here, maybe even a great one! I’m not going to sugar-coat things…life in the wilds is tough. If the bears don’t eat you then the bugs will poison your blood, or the swamps will swallow you up, or you’ll fall to your death from a mountain peak, or well, I’m probably getting ahead of myself. Look, just be careful out there. I’m not great at speeches. Let’s just say this island gives you exactly what you deserve and nothing more.

Welcome to White Moon Cove, and Welcome to Sleeper Island!”


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