The Sleeper Island Story

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Candlekeep is a towering fortress library that stands on a crag, overlooking the Sea of Swords. The library is filled with books and scrolls of knowledge, and it was the home of the great seer Alaundo who foresaw the coming of the Bhaalspawn. To gain entry to the halls of wisdom, a visitor must gift the library with a new tome of immense value. The shrewd gatekeepers accept tomes of no less than 1,000gp.

Carrying with you the slip of parchment that allows limited access to the halls, the gatekeepers wave you through. Outside the gates you notice other petitioners pleading their cases. All of them bear tomes of various sizes and shapes and each claims that the books are immensely valuable. These gatekeepers seem very shrewd, each one wielding a large magnifying glass and examining the books thoroughly. You see no one else allowed through the gates.

Inside the massive halls of Candlekeep you hear the constant drone of chanting monks and the ringing of bells. The monks here are said to seek knowledge in all its forms. They believe that no knowledge is evil, only that some men do evil things with what they have learned. Eventually, you start to notice others that look out of place in the Keep. The path you have taken has guided you into a large and lavish room. The furnishings are brass and crimson; lavish velvets and crystals adorn the room. On one side of the room is a large bookshelf full of very old looking books, and you notice that the air in front of it shimmers.

You see that the people around you are a very mixed bunch, numbering around twenty. Most of them appear to be doing their very best to look like hardened adventurers, and most are failing at this endeavour.

After an uncomfortably long wait, three monks enter the room. Two of the monks move through the room lighting incense, as the last monk approaches your group.


“Welcome adventurers, I am the First Reader. Welcome to our home! It is my lot in life to be the Keeper of Tomes, until I leave this plane. All the books of great knowledge you see here in Candlekeep are my responsibility, and I know each of them well.” 

“You lot are here to begin a great quest, to a new land across the sea! We will talk on this shortly, but first… The rules of our keep.”

“Do not remove a book from the keep. Once a book comes to Candlekeep, it stays here. Trying to remove a tome would be very dangerous. Some of the works are very valuable, and some of them very powerful, but do not be tempted. It would lead to your downfall.”

“Treat each book with respect, but do not be afraid to read and use them. Our books are preserved with powerful and ancient magic – it is very difficult to damage them while they rest here in the Keep.”

“Allow reading monks to read. The knowledge they gain helps guide the whole of Faerun. Many disasters have been averted because a lone monk studying a dusty tome came upon a prophecy, or a formula, or a poem. The work of every monk, from initiate to master, is important.”

“When the final bells toll at midnight you are expected to be in your rooms. At this time, all monks must retire to their bedchambers also. There are things that clean the Keep at night, and they shouldn’t be disturbed.”

“If you follow our rules, this will be a pleasant stay.”

The First Reader beckons you all to sit on a large crimson mat in the centre of the room. Despite his age, he seems agile as he deftly squats to the floor, folding his legs in a manner that looks extremely uncomfortable. The bottoms of his feet are black, and you wonder if he’s ever worn boots.

Sleeper Island

“Now to the matter at hand. For centuries we have known about a land far to the southwest. South of the strange lands of Maztica and Anchorome, and even more foreign than the two combined. Knowledge has been uncovered that suggests this land once held great civilisations, all long vanished. But we believe their knowledge remains.”

“Ten years ago, we took into our ranks a new monk, a Tabaxi from the Chultan Peninsula. He has spent his time here researching the lands over the sea – his mother had told him that their people once came from a land far over the sea. They believe it is only by the will of their god, Ubtao, that they made it to Chult. Our records show that most perished on the journey.”

“This monk has made a great discovery. A tome brought to us six years ago contained parchment that had been repurposed into a cookbook, but our gatekeepers they are very good at what they do. One of these monks spotted a strange symbol in the corner of one of the pages – when he scratched it with the point of his katar, the symbol vanished then reappeared as if new. This tome may have been copied over, but magic had protected its contents. The book was brought before me, but even with all my years as First Reader, I could not decipher it.”

“I was overjoyed, as it signaled a momentous occasion! The next First Reader had joined the monastery! In turn, all monks tried to read the tome. But it was only when our newest member, the Tabaxi from Chult, sat with the tome in his hands that the words appeared. He had discovered the Teachings of Ubtao – the account of a war between the gods from the past.”

The First Reader then waves his hand and one of the other monks appears before him with a pile of ornate scroll cases. Each one looks to be worth a small fortune.

“We have translated the tome with the help of our next First Reader. What we have found is astounding. I will read you a select translation.”

Though we were anxious, we trusted in the Father to deliver us safely to Chult. Our tribe had never before made a long journey upon the liquid sky. Each hour of paddling took us northward and farther away from Katashaka—our home since the birthing days. Floating in our canoe amid the endless blue, we Tabaxi held faith in Ubtao and his plumed servant Ecatzin.

Ubtao hadn’t always been known to our people. Since before the days of my great-grandfather, the Tabaxi had worshiped only Olurobo and his children, the nyama-nummo. In the days before the Great Rending, the Sleeper—greatest of all the nyama-nummo—ruled all the lands of my people. Blessed were the Tabaxi, whom the Sleeper favoured above all other tribes.

One season, when the Sleeper decided to seek vengeance against an ancient foe, she summoned the greatest warriors of the nine tribes and led them against our enemies in the far land of Mhairshaulk. Our losses must have been great, because her wrath was mighty when she returned. On the Night of Feasting, four nyama-nummo fell to the Sleeper’s hungry jaws. Finally, her rampage subsided, and she retreated to the Palace of the Alliz-Dren to sleep and recover her strength.

Between that long-ago time and now, the Sleeper has awakened twenty three times, each time more bitter and hungry.

I was named She Who Watches Over the Sleeper. That title bestowed upon me the great honor of being the first devoured by the Sleeper upon her next awakening. Not long after my naming, Ecatzin entered our lands to spread the word of Ubtao. At first, most Tabaxi shunned the feathered serpent. They feared that he was an agent of Akongo—a perfidious nyama-nummo from the southern highlands. In time, however, Ecatzin taught words to the Tabaxi— and to a chosen few, he also taught matumbe—the forbidden magic. But the millennium end was nigh upon us, and most still feared the Sleeper’s return.

On the Night of Feasting, Ubtao blessed me and named me Negus Negusti and Bara. But my joy was short-lived. Moments later, the Sleeper’s roar heralded her return, and my legs began to tremble. I was, after all, She Who Watches. But just as the mighty nyama-nummo’s jaws bore down to swallow me whole, I felt the might of Ubtao swell within me. The matumbe flowed from my outstretched hand, striking the Sleeper and stopping her in place. To this day, I still recall the horrible sound of bones snapping as I used the might of Ubtao to crush the life from the Sleeper. Upon witnessing the power that Ubtao had bestowed upon his Bara, my Tabaxi brothers and sisters kissed and embraced me, cheering and pledging their devotion to Ubtao. Ecatzin smiled and told us that we were Ubtao’s blessed children.

We soon prepared for a great pilgrimage across the endless blue to Chult, the home of Ubtao. On the day of departure, I whispered a silent prayer to the spirits of Katashaka, beseeching them to watch over those who remained behind. When the shores of my homeland had at last slipped into the thickening fog behind us, I turned to Ecatzin and spoke.

“The current is swift, and we are three hundred canoe strong,” I said. “Take us to Chult, friend Ecatzin, and into the mighty arms of the Father. There the enemies of the Tabaxi shall know fear, because I am Oyai, Slayer of the Sleeper, First Bara of Ubtao, and long shall I rule!”

“It is clear that the Tabaxi of Katashaka, although primitive, made huge strides in both knowledge and magic under the guidance of Ubtao. They were able to free themselves from oppression and move to the Chultan Peninsula. The Teachings of Ubtao are long and the translation has taken years. There are many passages of interest.”

The First Reader recounts many of the tales from the Teachings of Ubtao. Among these there are a number that stand out.

On the coasts there are great villages, filled with pink-skin Tabaxi without fur or tails. These Tabaxi are to be pitied, for they are slow and clumsy and surely would not make great hunters.

North of the Lost Springs is the home of a great wyrm. This creature is fearsome, but in the depths of the springs lies a weapon that can defeat it with a single blow.

The Peaks of Flame signal the awakening of the Sleeper.

Ubtao left many creations in Katashaka, primarily huge reptiles.

Beware the darkest groves, and most of all heed the warnings written on the rocks. The Slivers have made their homes in the forests.

The Specks want nothing to do with the Tabaxi, nothing to do with Ubtao, or the pink flesh people. They live in the forests and won’t tolerate you for long. Do not cut down their sacred trees.

Foul creatures have made tribes, and with the Tabaxi leaving these low beings may take a new place on Katashaka. They live in the plains, foothills, and deserts.

Heed the warning. Turn back to the north before you die.

Huge waves batter the shores to the south. Strange vessels have been washed up on the rocks there. It is forbidden to remove anything from these wrecks.

The Desert of Flies is to be avoided. The sand storms are certain death and hold the spirits of evil ancestors.

Some say Katashaka was used as a prison by the gods themselves. Strange ruins litter the land, some connected to other places through mystical portals. On the Ishah Plains next to the petrified remains of a Titan, there is a prison. The prisoners have fled and returned to their homes, but what resides in the prison now is unknown. 


“Three years ago, we recruited and funded pioneers to visit this new land. We tasked these people with starting a town on the coast, and at great expense we sent a fleet over the sea with all the supplies they would need. So great do we believe the knowledge at stake.”

“This town has survived, but not prospered. The surrounding area is incredibly hostile. They are beset by low creatures that hunt in tribes, not unlike barbarians here in Faerun. They have rudimentary defences and the town doesn’t appear to be in immediate danger, but things could be improved. Exploration is not important to these people, rather survival is key.”

We want you to be our explorers. Seek out knowledge in all its forms. Discover what Katashaka has lost, and what has taken its place. Send tomes back to us and you will be rewarded, and the other bounty we care not for, you can keep it all. You can find a new life in Katashaka, you can become great adventurers that are sung about for generations, this is your chance to become part of history.

Some of you will die young. This is the way of things and it would be wrong of me not to warn you. Katashaka is wild and dangerous. Many of the pioneers we sent died from various causes. We have sent more and now that they have learned to live off the sea’s harvest they do fairly well. Moving inland is not possible yet, and that’s where you come in.

We keep in constant contact with Mayor Barro Godwyn about the goings on in the town. He tells us the latest plan is to build a road of sorts through the region – there is talk of a friendly Tabaxi village that might be willing to trade – but the merchants need a path to follow. Perhaps you could look in to that.

It is a town of dreamers and your job will be to make the stories come true for them. You’re the sword and the magic to make our people prosper in Katashaka. Discover what is lost and these people will make it whole again. And above all else bring the knowledge that was lost back to us here in Candlekeep. Talk to Barro when you arrive there, he knows how this can be done.

For any that are not comfortable with this adventure – you are welcome to stay at Candlekeep for a tenday. After that you must leave. For those of you willing to risk your lives in the pursuit of knowledge, come with me.

The First Reader stands and leads you through a room and down a long-sloped hallway. Eventually you reach a huge staircase and the old man begins to climb it at a very fast rate. After a few minutes he turns back to you, “Aha, the test of 10000 stairs catches a lot of our visitors, how are you doing back there?”

“Oh but I’m just an old man, almost ready to be replaced! Surely I can’t do better than some mighty adventurers” he laughs.

Eventually you reach another level of the keep. You seem to have climbed impossibly high, but from the outside the keep didn’t seem to have that many levels… The floor you arrive on is like a bustling marketplace and you can see that this is where any commerce in Candlekeep takes place.

Here I will take my leave. You will find that your lodgings have been paid for at the inn. Please take this time to stock up on everything you need. Take this and purchase what you can. Eat and drink well tonight, for your voyage will be very long. Partake in all your needs…whether they be gambling, women, drink, song, or whatever. It may be a very long time until you enjoy them again.

The First Reader then walks off into the crowd, smiling and talking to the people there.

The Journey to Sleeper Island

It’s your last day on the mainland and as you head down to the docks you notice many people are staring. Children point, and wave and tradesmen give you a nod. These people know that most of you will die on this mission, but those that come back will come back rich and famous. It’s not an expedition for the timid, that’s for sure.

You ship is a big one indeed. The Last Mast is a huge galleon and would cost about as much as a small city. The money that Candlekeep has to throw around is ridiculous. As you walk up the gang plank the captain meets you at the top of the ramp.

Good day gentlemen. We’ll be seeing a lot of each other. My name is Jack Timbers and I’m the captain of this vessel. Our journey will take about six weeks. I can’t promise it’ll all be smooth sailing, heading this far south is always an adventure. What I can promise you is that we’ll get there – I haven’t lost a ship yet.

Before long the boys have loaded all the gear, there also seems to be a lot of trade goods heading to Katashaka. There is a lot of money going into establishing a colony there by the looks of it. You notice that the crates bear three different insignia – Candlekeep’s own, The Lord’s Alliance, and The Order of the Gauntlet. There are many mixed interests at play and you’d do best to find your place fast.

To a cheer from the crowd the ship launches and creaks its way out of the harbour. There are some tears from some likely looking ladies on the docks, and a few of you recognise them from the night before. Perhaps there will be some children when you return…

The first day is exciting. You sail down the Sword Coast and see many amazing sights. The crew work expertly to keep the ship going as fast as possible. You notice the captain has various other crew members he allows to take the helm and all the men seem well fed and mannered. These are well paid men doing a job they know well, you imagine this is the best of the best.

The excitement of the first day passes and the monotony of life at sea soon sets in. Days roll into weeks, but not easily. You pass through doldrums and storms, all the while The Last Mast – with its huge bulk, keeps you safe and sound. Fishing during the voyage is spectacular. You notice some of your colleagues catching amazing looking fish you’ve never seen before. Eating them is also an adventure.

The nights are filled with rum, songs, and the ship’s assortment of salaried whores. Not a bad way to waste away the time. You’re sure that when you reach Katashaka there could be a few more alcoholics on board.

Although distant you see a thickly forested land with high cliffs. The land stretches to the horizon, this place must be huge. The captain steers the ship in close and you sail south down the coast. You pass coastal mountains, then vast plains of scrub. You moor in a small bay for the night and at first light with everything so clear you think you can see what remains of a structure on the shore. “We don’t land here, that’s not our business Sirs. We getcha to the town, then we head back and see our families” says the first mate.

You pass these waters in another couple of days travel without spotting any more signs of civilisation. You corner a point that looks like a very swampy forest and then head south directly. After another day of travel, you notice some ramshackle huts near the beach. As you pass by humanoid figures come out, but even with the best spyglass their true shapes remain a mystery.

At dawn on your forty sixth day on the ship the captain announces, “We make port in White Moon Cove by dinner!”

You have seen a fair bit of the coast and noticed a few things worth exploring.

Later that day, you arrive at your new home.

White Moon Cove

From the cove and the small docks, you see that a river runs a short distance to the west and leads directly into town. Several mills are working the river and people are washing clothes by the shore. The fields around the town are grazed with livestock of all kinds and you notice chickens ranging freely in the fields, the town seems to be in a small copse, but from the sea you were able to tell that plains surround the town. Perhaps this forest provides some protection to the locals.

The captain hardly bids you farewell. “Head into town and go to the Axe and Thistle, I’m sure Barro will catch up with you there”

Although it is very warm there is a light rain falling as you walk off the docks and into town. People are obviously very interested in your arrival, but they also seem busy. You get the odd wave and “hello” but nothing more.

The buildings in town are serviceable but not much more. the people here are surviving but not prospering. A lot of the building work wouldn’t pass back in Baldur’s Gate or Waterdeep, but they probably have to make do with what they can here. You notice a cart pass by with fruits you’ve never seen before, bizarre shapes and sizes.

“Would you care for something to eat? You’re the adventurers come to build the trade route, aren’t you? Look, it’s on the house, take what you want and have my blessing”

After meeting a few townsfolk, you have made your way through the small village. You notice several shops and other buildings all open to the public. You make a note of what’s around, but after a close inspection the prices seem insane! Better make some cash before coming back here!

The Axe and Thistle is the biggest building in town! In fact, it’s probably one of the biggest inns you’ve ever seen. You suspect this was probably a communal boarding house when the first settlers arrived, it has that “let’s just add a bit on here” look to it.

There are quite a few people spread through the common rooms and drinking areas of the inn, you did arrive at dinner time, so this make some sense to you.

It isn’t long until a relatively young dwarf enters the common area. He walks around the room talking to almost everyone, then he nods to the publican and leaps onto a table with surprising agility.

“Friends, Mooners, we have guests. I’m sure you’ve met seen them, they are mostly huddle together over there looking like fish out of water. ” People in the bar start to laugh and look around at you. “Stand up!” someone shouts from the bar at Barro, who is already standing on a table. “That never gets old for you does it?” Barro groans and rolls his eyes. Plenty of the patrons still seem to find this quite funny.

“Now people, it is no joke that these likely lads and lasses are here to help our town prosper, to help us expand our borders, and to stop our sheep being eaten by whatever the hell keeps eating them – heey could you lot look into that first, it’s bloody annoying?”

“I want you lot to make them feel at home, some of them are from Baldur’s Gate, so that means you can rip them off and rob them blind!” “I’m kidding.” Try to pull back the out-of-town mark up a little, these people aren’t traders trying to make a buck, these people will be living with us for years to come. They will make us rich, so treat them well. Now drink up, and let’s have a toast to our new townsfolk – three cheers for the rookies!”

After some time, some ale, and a lot of food Mayor Barro wanders over to your table. Now my good men, let’s get down to business. I have a number of problems I need sorted out and a few things I need to arrange before you all start heading off into the wilderness.

The Great Gnoll War


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Burning of White Moon Cove

As they grew bolder and greater in number they eventually launched a sneak attack against White Moon Cove.

The priestess Kendra was kidnapped and later killed, the gnolls using her head as a ball to kick around in mockery. They also stole a shipment of magic items from the mainland sacrificed to a fallen titan in an outpost where the demon lord was summoned.

During the raid large parts of the town almost destroying the Axe and Thistle tavern.

The town alchemist Grak the kobold betrayed the adventurers to join the gnolls. Helping them develop a mind control/slave collar that they used to force former captured adventurers to fight and die for them. Around this time the adventurers of the Cove scouted out their main base, protected by a magical maze of thorns on one side and a skeleton titan on the other.

The Bloody Fight with the Sliver Queen


The Cove said no more, two strike teams were formed of adventurers, they went into the ever shifting Maze.

One group fought through the maze and stopped a ritual from a Gnoll mage who was sacrificing various races, captured hobgoblins, kobolds, goblins and centaurs, to empower more skeleton titans.

As the group pushed through the underground stronghold there was an entrance to another area.
Inside it was a massive underground cavern with a crashed sliver ship, where Grak stood protected by a wall of force while meddling with a portal receptacle and various portal stones.

The two teams of adventurers were reunited only to fight in a massive battle where they fought off several skeleton titans, the leader of the Gnolls, and the sliver queen.
The Gnoll leaders body was dragged into a pool of water with the slivers, where it was merged with them and created a giant hybrid.

The adventurers killed the hybrid and queen, but Grak escaped through the portal.

Finding and Founding of Ruined Oak

A group of adventurers went to an unexplored portal code and found a ruined town nearby.

It seemed to be protected by an unknown magic despite being abandoned. During a more thorough exploration various monsters were found in town like a golem made of coins, and a tree that animated bodies into zombie like creatures.
Several undead lizardfolk and unknown cultists were found in nearby tunnels as well.

After clearing out the portal guardians and the town a connection was established with White Moon Cove and the rebuilding of the ruined town could start.

The Deep Ones


Shortly after the founding of Ruined Oak, erstwhile adventurers started finding strange totems spread around the surrounding country side.  The totems tended to be dedicated towards strange, aquan-based deities and beasts.  One party even ran across a group of strange individuals calling themselves the ‘Deep Ones’ performing an unknown ritual on the river south of Ruined Oak, before the ritual was suddenly stopped via the judicial application of violence.

Around this time, Drow raiding parties from the Briarwall Forest started hitting the newly established settlement and its surrounding countryside.  Various bandits worked on behalf of the Drow, taking captives and selling them into slavery.  Eventually, one of the bandits was taken prisoner by an adventuring party and revealed, after a subsequent interrogation, that the bandits accessed the Briarwall to sell their slaves via an underground passage on the northern shore of the Lake of Songs. 

 Approaching the location, adventurers discovered several of the Deep One’s totem before finally discovering an ancient temple emblazoned with the image of a large kraken.  Peering down, a tunnel passage just under the water could be seen.  Traveling down the submerged tunnel for approximate a mile eventually revealed a sprawling cave and worked stone complex, filled with traps and ambushes.  Eventually cleared, adventurers discovered that the underground base served as the Deep Ones’ headquarters, housing several of their leaders held in a sort of stasis like state.  Additionally, they found a portal leading to an unknown location, though it appeared that the Deep Ones regularly used it.  Lastly, a large tapestry was discovered showing the forming of the Drow-Deep One alliance, the same tapestry which now hangs on the tavern wall of the Bitter Dwarf.

After clearing the complex, adventurers discovered a set of stairs leading into the Briarwall Forest.  Spreading out, contact was made with various Drow factions.  Some friendly, some not.  The Deep Ones apparently had used the provided slaves for unknown experiments and the Drow didn’t ask many questions.  Due to an unfortunate failed negotiation, the Drow turned on an adventuring party, eventually chasing them back into the underground complex which was subsequently collapsed via an earthquake. 

Push out of Ruined Oak High Light

With little left to go on, the denizens of Ruined Oak believed the Deep One threat to be eliminated.  It was quite the shock when suddenly the town was attacked by a combined force of Deep Ones, Lizardfolk, and Drow.  This initial assault was repelled, though the original Academy was sunk into the ocean and the town sustained significant damage.  With barely enough time to catch their breath, Ruined Oak was assaulted for a second time by a significantly larger force, overwhelming the defenders.  Fighting a brave retreat, most of the town’s citizens were saved and formed a large encampment to the east of Ruined Oak

After some time to recoup and reform our forces, we eventually pushed forward to retake Ruined Oak, albeit as significant cost in lives and fortune.  Firmly set to our task, we starting a wholesale campaign to see the Deep Ones removed as a threat.  Noticing that they approached from the Lake of Songs during both assaults, we began a thorough exploration of the lake and its underlying bed.  There, we discovered and formed an alliance with a Kua-toa settlement called Jumping Titan, deep under the waters of the Lake of Songs .  They spoke of the Big Eyes (Deep Ones have atypically large eyes, better to see in the darkness of deep water and caves) and their ongoing fight against them. 

Fortuitously, the Kua-toa had cultivated a local seaweed called Brobweed, enabling many adventurers to explore the depths of the Lake of Songs previously inaccessible without powerful magics.  This weed now grows along the southeastern shores of the lake.

Further exploration of the surrounding countryside showed the devastation wrought by the Deep Ones after their assault on Ruined Oak.  One the southern edge of the Lake of Songs, a prison holding powerful vampire lords was broken into by the Deep Ones, much to their regret as they were slain.  Unfortunately, this released the vampires within.

Further, a creature called De’Ryah (though colloquially known as the Deep Bitch) was discovered to be pursuing a blood ritual so as to empower herself and her Deep One followers

Under the lake of song the Finale

After many adventures, and adventurers lost, the Deep Ones’ leader’s true location was found in a temple at the bottom of the Lake of Song.  Gathering all remaining forces, a two-pronged attack was launched.  Half of the adventurers attacked De’Ryah in an effort to stop her ritual.  The other half assaulted the Deep One lair, determined to strike down the menace once and for all. 

The assault against De’Ryah was ultimately successful, stopping her from releasing a terrible power against the other forces assaulting the bulk of the Deep Ones.

At the bottom of the lake, the main force battled their way through waves of Deep Ones and their enslaved defenders, eventually working their way into the temple.  Much to their surprise, a colossal maelstrom was discovered underneath, swirling and seemingly sucking an unending amount of water and material into its maw.  There, they did battle with a powerful group of Deep One spellcasters, a spellbound water dragon, and the penultimate Deep One, an ancient and powerful aboleth.  Through the swirling water the forces fought, striking down the mages one by one, entrapping the dragon, and finally, the aboleth.  Powering itself on the life force of the dragon, it too expired with the aboleth.  Upon its death a great wave of power was released, twisting and distorting the weave itself.  But that is another story for another time…

The Rot


A while after a strange somehow supernatural disease started to spread, first to the rats, but soon to us. As we were figuring out there the Rot was coming from. We learned of Malady, how seemed to be behind all of that. The Rot got worse and worse and we did out best to condemn it and find Maladys hideout. At least we learned from before and focused on fighting the Rot and destroying the Markers of it.

In the end we were victorious and defeated Malady, and through this weakening the rot. It was still there, but now we could cure it, instead of just suppressing it a little.


The spread of the disease








During the warm season one of the supply ships allong with it’s people never arrived.

Candlekeep nor any affiliated with White Moon Cove have heard anything in regards to the lost ship, perhaps it was a Kraken or just a ship filled with mutineer, what ever it’s fate is.


It’s fate is unknown to us.




Isaac MIA



Tasha’s Kiss at the Blood Eye Clan


Return of the Forge Cleric

Thran, Thran, something something. Diamonds!

The Two Towers

Thran, Thran, something something. Diamonds!

A dead king and the hunt for Shards

Thran, Thran, something something. Diamonds!

The Royal Wedding

Thran, Thran, something something. Diamonds!

A dead king and the hunt for Shards

Thran, Thran, something something. Diamonds!