The stables is a storage  facility used to help look after transportation animals and pets.

This building is required for Inn or Tavern upgrades.

You can also to buy your furry or scaly friends here.

Currently there are 3 stables.

White Moon Cove Stables
Ruined Oak Stables Beast of Burden
Ruined Oak Stables Beast of Prey

Required equipment for pulling a cart/wagon or riding can be purchased at the Stables when purchasing an animal.

– pulling a cart/wagon: one bit & bridle(2GP) per animal;
– riding: one bit & bridle(2GP) and one riding* saddle(10GP) per animal. *an exotic saddle(100GP) is required for mounts with swimming or flying speed.


Ruined Oak has a Hatchery and Nursery Stalls.

The Hatchery can hold 3 eggs and the Nursery Stalls have 5 slots for young creatures.

Hatchery & Nursery