News and Announcements

Discord Server Migration

We have migrated to a new Discord Server! You can join the Discord through the homepage.

History, status update and holiday 2019

History, status update, about Kor and holiday 2019

Autumn Patch Part 4

We are releasing Patch 12,17,18,20,21,22 the Patchification.

Summer Patch - Part 3

We are releasing Patch 1, 3 and 19 of the Summer Patch the Patchification.

Summer Patch - Part 2

We are releasing Patch 6, 11 and 14 of the Summer Patch the Patchification.

Summer Patch - The Patchening - Part 1

We are releasing Patch 13, 15 and 16 of the Summer Patch the Patchening.

Summer Patch

A summer patch? Yes a summer patch is coming to Sleeper Island.

The Artificer returns & Blood Hunter

The Artificer has been updated and we are moving over to the new version of the Artificer on Sleeper Island. Here’s what’s been added to the Artificer; New subclasses—the Archivist and the Battle SmithA revised spell list, including…

Fantasy Grounds Unity

Fantasy Grounds Unity Kickstarter & Sleeper Island FGU testing

Resurrection Contest Winner!

The winner of the holiday resurrection vote has been decided and one of the fallen shall return to the island.

The Resurrection Contest

Easter Event 2019 - Resurrection, who will come back?
Probably not haunted by Vuldred's ghost.

Oathbow Lottery

In accordance with the last will and testament of Vuldred Faellian, there shall be a lottery for the Oathbow of the deceased gloomstalker

World map remastered

Sleeper Island EU has remastered the world map with more detail and character

Easter Holiday Event

A weekend full of fun community events, games and mystery.

Website Launch

We are launching our Sleeper Island website.

Standardized Risk Scale

In order to have players known what they sign up for and to remove ambiguity in the risk scale.

Pale master & Sleeper Tier

Pale master is now a playtest class and iIntroducing the Sleeper Shop!

Character Retirement, reworked

New rules to allow for easier and more fair character Retirement.

Order Domain & Circle of Spores

Order Domain and Circle of Spores update & official release

Crafting System Rework

Crafting 2.0 Major crafting rule change and revamp