Hello and welcome everyone to the official Spring 2020 Patch: Part 1

First of all, we’d like to take this time to offer a big welcome to all the new players that have recently joined our community, as well as offer thanks to our veteran and long-time members. Thank you for sticking around with us through our highs and lows, and we hope today marks another high as we aim to continue improving our community.

Now, for the fun stuff. This is without a doubt one of if not the largest change and content drop we have ever done, and that is for multiple reasons. One of the biggest issues we are addressing with this patch is the lack of documentation and the inconsistencies it has caused. With this patch we have not only documented almost every single ruling, errata, and special system we have in place, but we have also implemented background systems to help us do so faster in the future, ensuring that everyone is on the same playing field. This is only possible thanks to the hard work done previously in developing our own website, as that groundwork now allows for a much more efficient workflow.

A couple of small notes about what you are about to read: firstly, you may note that some of the items listed here were already announced in previous patches that happened last year. We have decided to relist the most essential items, as not all were properly documented, and we decided this would help in getting the new players up to speed. Secondly, a reminder that this is Part 1 of the patch and everything listed here only covers that, so if you think there is something missing, feel free to mention it, but more than likely it is currently being worked on. Thirdly, as you will see, there is A LOT of content here so we ask you to go over it, read up, and if there is something that seems wrong, feel free to discuss in appropriate feedback channels. And on a final note, we send out a BIG thank you to everyone who has aided in this massive project in one way or another–from the DMs, to the Trials, to the Mods, and especially to the Demi-Mods.



The Cookbook

The cookbook is now almost 2 years old. It holds a very special place in the hearts of many as it was one of the first major tools we released to aid the community. Throughout the years, we have continued to work and adapt it, but as time went by, it became more clear that it was taking too much work to update using the NaturalCrit format. This has led to the decision to retire the cookbook as a pdf document. Instead, it will now be its own dedicated section of the website, spread across multiple articles that are easier to edit and add to.

High Level slot

Due to the nature of the current level ranges of the game, we know some players are having issues with reaching high levels and not being able to play the game. Therefore, we are allowing each player to select 1 PC that has reached level 15 or higher to go in Limbo/Stasis. This effectively removes the character from play–RP, VTT, PbP, or otherwise. Once this is done, you may use the free slot to make a new PC, but in order to bring the Limbo’d PC back into play, you must have an empty PC slot. 

Session Exhaustion removed

Session exhaustion is no longer a worry for players & DM’s!

One thing less to track–we feel that it was inhibiting players from signing up to sessions when they had time, when the entire concept of West Marches is that you play when you have time instead of being limited by the amount of sessions you played within the last day.


Overland Exploration Changes

“On the beach a goblin sits with his mates looking for some coin. He quickly grabs his bow as he notices a group of adventures coming from the south. As he stands up his courage leaves him as the group on the horizon seems to be sitting on a flying carpet and a black horse with wings, the orc beside them seems to be wielding a hammer made of shells. The group sits down and begins to eat their sea slugs, that is not a fight they want to pick”

Creatures desire to stay alive and will act in a method of self preservation, avoiding fights or running away when they know they can’t win.

Give me the Strength to See This Through

Strength was always important on Sleeper Island with the variant encumbrance rule we use, but it’s going to become even more important.

In the past we have skipped on carrying loot back to town as it remained in the party inventory, floating in the ether.

We will now require you to pick up the loot and coins you want to loot during your adventure, if you don’t pick them up you are leaving them behind.

This will make Strength more important, yes, but the main goal is to increase team play.

Building on each other’s strengths, in the form of abilities, mounts, magic spells and their very life!

When the loot carrier gets eaten or gets dragged away by a Gru you have double the motive to try and save your fellow adventurer.

Crafting 2.1

Crafting Items and recipes are now official drops in our loot tables. Recipes work similar to scrolls and be sold in P2P for x3 their base cost. 

Shop Mechanics

The Sleeper Island team have decided to take a closer look at the shop mechanics.

After talking things over, we’ve decided on the following ruling:

You can choose one of two options.

1. Purchase the item at 110% of market value straight away, by asking a Mod/DM to perform the transaction

2. Use the command to roll the dice and try to get a deal.


Failure to purchase the item due to insufficient funds or not committing to the deal by purposefully ignoring a higher price will result in a 24 hour purchase time-out for the player on that specific item, more penalties might apply.

Falling from great heights!

The original falling damage rules are for pansies, the ground is hard and should hurt.

Instead of capping out at 20d6 we are going to use a new rule.

Maximum falling height to increase damage = 630 Feet

Original D&D rules are 20D6 at 200 feet where it maxes out.

Any falls under 150ft have no increased damage, the change comes into effect at 160ft

You can use reaction to cast feather fall. You are unable to use an action or bonus action during a 1 round drop, but in a multi round drop it’s up to DM discretion.

 You fall 500 ft per round

 Every 150 feet you fall, the damage die increases.

  • 150 foot fall = 15d6
  • 300 foot fall = 15d6 + 15d8
  • 450 foot fall = 15d6 +15d8 +15d10
  • 600 ft fall = 15d6 + 15d8 + 15d10 + 15d12
  • Max fall damage = 15d6 + 15d8 + 15d10 + 18d12

Example 510 Ft fall = 15d6 + 15d8 + 15d10 + 6d12


Holy Water/ Ceremony

The Holy Water Flask (25gp) will now be replaced by a Holy Water Vial (5gp). Anyone in possession of one of these items will be given four more.

The Ritual and the Ceremony Spell now yields 5 Flasks of Holy Water.

Protection from Good and Evil

The spell now consumes 1 Holy Water Vial (5gp) everytime it is cast.



The list of viable Wildshape forms have now been expanded to include the extended list found in Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, but with a limit of only creatures up to CR2

Healing Spirit

The spell now follows the official Errata of being able to heal your Spellcasting Ability Modifier +1

Find Steed

Find Steed now has the following additional mount options: Axe Beak, Black Bear, Boar, Camel, Cow, Draft Horse, Elk, Giant Goat, Giant Lizard, Giant Weasel, Hadrosaurus, Mastiff, Mule, Panther, Pony, Riding Horse, Warhorse, Wolf


The Drow (Dark Elf) Subrace now includes Undercommon as a known language



UA Subclasses

The Following UA Subclasses are now available to play. Please note that all UA subclasses up to May 2020 have been reviewed so if there is something not listed it means that it was not approved.

Monk: Way of Mercy

Barbarian: Path of the Beast 

Warlock: Otherworldly Patron: The Noble Genie

Bard: College of Creation

Rogue: Soul Knife (Most Recent Revision)

Druid: Circle of Stars

Ranger: Class Variants (Favored Foe, Deft Explorer, Primal Awareness, Ranger Companion, Fade Away)

Additionally, the following Subclasses have been removed

Monk: Way of Tranquillity

Ranger: Primeval Guardian Conclave

UA Feats

The Following UA feats are now available to play

Fell Handed

Blade Mastery

Spear Master

Flail Mastery

Homebrew Feats

The following Class-specific feats from Deardin are now allowed as Homebrew content

True Detective

Axe Idiot


Fist of Frenzy

Favored by the Gods

Staring down the Arrow

The Dirge of Morality

Leap of Faith

Dreams become nightmares

Father of Modernity

Genius Inbound

Hit ‘Em Where it Hurts

Battle Mage

Advanced Fighting Styles(Fencing is banned) (Including Sword bards and Blood Hunters)

Blood Hunter 2020

We are officially updating the allowed Bloodhunter to the most recent version, as well as lifting the ban from the Lycan Subclass. Please note that our rules regarding Lycans outside of this class have not changed.

Commander Vimes’ The Regiment of Insanity Subclasses

The following subclasses from our own Taka’s content are now available to play

Paladin: Oath of Celebration

Warlock: Otherworldly Patron: Modron Hierarchy



3 new Warlock subclasses have been added from COFSA. Please note that these have been slightly altered from the original document so please use the document on the website for reference.
Otherworldly Patron: The Ashen Wolf
Otherworldly Patron: The Fallen Exile
Otherworldly Patron: The Accursed Archive