Part 2 of the Patchification

It is still in the works but we are now ready to release parts of the Summer Patch.

Today’s Patch contains change 6, 11 and 14

More to come when we are ready to release them to the public!

Patch 6 – Magic item repair

No it’s not what you think, your magic item wont suddenly break for no reason and your wand wont melt.

We are adding in broken magic items that can be found and require fixing before you can use them.
These items can be normal magic items but they can be unique and special items, it is a large pool of items, though you might not know if you have a diamond in the rough without polishing it.

Patch 11 – Overland Exploration Changes

“On the beach a goblin sits with his mates looking for some coin, he quickly grabs his bow as he notices a group of adventures coming from the south. As he stands up his courage leaves him as the group on the horizon seems to be sitting on a flying carpet and a black horse with wings, the orc beside them seems to be wielding a hammer made of shells. The group sits down and begins to eat their sea slugs, that is not a fight they want to pick”

Creature desire to to stay alive and will act in a method of self preservation, avoiding fights or running away when they know they can’t win.

Patch 14 – Give me the Strength to see this through

Strength was always important on Sleeper Island with the variant encumbrance rule we use but it’s going to become more important.

In the past we have skipped on carrying loot back to town as it remained in the party inventory floating in the ether.
We will now require you to pick up the loot and coins you want to loot during your adventure, if you don’t pick them up you are leaving them behind.

This will make Strength more important but it the main goal is to increase team-play.
Building on each other’s strengths, in the form of abilities, mounts, magic spells and their very life!

When the loot carrier get’s eaten or gets dragged away by a Gru you have double the motive to try and save your fellow adventurer.