Internally we have dubbed it the: “Sleeper Island Patchification Step 1: The Patchening”

It is still in the works but we are now ready to release parts of the Summer Patch, today’s Patch contains change 13, 15 and 16

More to come when we are ready to release them to the public!

Patch 13 – Session Exhaustion removed

Session exhaustion is no longer a worry for players & DM’s!

One thing less to track and we feel that it was inhibiting players for signing up to sessions when they had time, the entire concept of West March is that you play when you have time instead of being limited by the amount of sessions you played within the last day.

Patch 15 – Witness me

We have added a new role, “@Witness Me” instead of pining mods, the witness me role can be any mod, trial dm or dm.

Weekend Playing GIF

Patch 16 – Falling from great heights!

The original falling damage rules are for pansies, the ground is hard and should hurt.
Instead of capping out at 20d6 we are going to use a new rule.

Maximum falling height to increase damage = 630 Feet
Original D&D rules are 20D6 at 200 feet where it maxes out.
Any falls under 150ft have no increased damage, the change comes into affect at 160ft

You can use reaction to cast feather fall, you are unable to use a action or bonus action in the a 1 round drop, in a multi round drop it’s up to DM discretion.

You fall 500 ft per round

Every 150 feet you fall, the damage die increases.

  • 150 foot fall = 15d6
  • 300 foot fall = 15d6 + 15d8
  • 450 foot fall = 15d6 +15d8 +15d10
  • 600 ft fall = 15d6 + 15d8 + 15d10 + 15d12
  • Max fall damage = 15d6 + 15d8 + 15d10 + 18d12

Example 510 Ft fall = 15d6 + 15d8 + 15d10 + 6d12