It has come time to pick, who will return from this world naked, alone and with nothing to their name?

The character must be willing to come back from their afterlife and the soul must be free.
Those who have received True Death might not be oh so willing to return from their happy afterlife but perhaps they could be compelled to give up eternal happiness for unfinished business, but what are the consequences?

What about those that have died many times over and have their souls stained? What would it entail for them to return? At what cost?

All interesting questions which will remain unanswered, you have some time to debate this among yourself in character or out of character who the community is going to pick.

Poll rules and information

  1. The poll results are hidden
  2. The results will be shared on: 1 May 2019
  3. Every player get 1 vote, their vote can not be changed, once cast it’s cast
  4. Cheating the system is subject to ban

Resurrection rules and information

  1. Characters return with no items, naked.
  2. Characters can borrow items at the start of session but must return them at the end, earn and build your way back.
  3. This character comes from a special event and exists as an extra slot
  4. The extra slot does not count to any slot requirements such as secondary slot or IronMan requirements
  5. When this character dies permanently, the slot is gone.
  6. Death Count is retained and increased by 1
  7. Dark Gift’s status is retained but the gift can have changed.
  8. Previous contracts, wills, agreements have been voided by the death and can’t be used to circumvent rule 1 even if your items have not been distributed, you are also not eligible for your own contests.
  9. Retired characters can not come back through this.
  10. DM discretion applies

The Resurrection Poll

If you feel like someone is missing on the poll, let DGM or any of the staff know.

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Link directly to the poll: http://sleeperisland.eu/poll/resurrection/