Whispers and speculation used to surround Fantasy Grounds Unity but no more, it has come out of the shadows (finally)

Most of us were expecting a full release on the official website, we need to be a bit more patient. The full release seems to be scheduled for December 2019.

When FGU gets released in full Sleeper Island will move over to the new platform from Fantasy Grounds Classic the moment it’s stable and tested, we are all eager to test out the new features but we don’t want to create an unpleasant D&D experience due to compatibility issues with our custom modules, maps, extensions and other content such as tables.

Some of our DM’s will be testing FGU in beta between July 2019 and December 2019 as we get access and these missions / sessions will be clearly marked as FGU sessions to give the players enough time to prepare.

As always Sleeper Island DM’s run the Ultimate version so players can play for free.

Check out FGU’s Kickstarter here: