heading out the port town of port Miranda is being fortified as we continue on our journey we see guards dispatching frog people that seem to have been bandits. as we continue on our journey we find a pile of bones of various shapes and sizes seems like something has been eating large animals and dumping bones after eating them. it seems that they were put on the side of the road on purpose in addition to that the creature that put them there seems to be the size of a hill giant. as we begin to see the sunset we search for a campsite.

the night passed by quietly we woke in the morning and continued to the bridge and on the bridge we found a group of religious peoples who were arguing with a troll the troll tried to eat Nuemus arm so I threw a Soul blade at his head successfully distracting the ogre from eating Neumu after a long battle in which the troll spun around and hit many of the people fighting the troll I managed to hit the troll in the head with my soul knife which caused it to explode.

After the troll fight, we found that the cult worshiped the god killer Ἀσπιστής who rose from the ashes of his civilization they believe that he is the one true god they are led by a priest with no name. who reviled to us that the god killer Ἀσπιστής has saints. Nuemu drank a mysterious bloodlike substance and fell into a dream he said he saw a man destroying a city and a pyramid and the man seemed to be fighting himself I can only assume that this man is Ἀσπιστής the god slayer after this we slept for the night and made sure that Nuemu didn’t die as we went on our way back we had to rest in a cave and then we found that it was inhabited by an owlbear a massive one at that we spent two days there and then had a safe walk back to town