Another shape appeared, much like the previous it’s red eyes searing me with pain. It lasted only for a moment but I KNOW it saw me. I endlessly scream and send ripples through this never ending white space.

They are obsessed with the papers, the more I scream the more they focus on the paper.

I grow tired, I grow fatigued, I feel pain, I haven’t felt pain before, I must stop.

hear me

You must get more Shards, the strong Champions domain is mobile 

A little longer then I must rest.

He goes undetected, you must grow stronger 

The champion will come for everyone and everything, how can I save you?

Bring Elder Shards to the desert that glitters to find the Dark Lake

He does not respect my Lords wishes.

Before the birth of the royal child

I do not know where that is.

If you can not go into the deeppest depths and you can find the Dark Lake

I know within me that you must bring them there.

He wants to help you, build these shrines in his honor in your domain, one in each city through which he will channel his power. 

Perhaps I need it?

I grow tired, I will rest.