An image, something new.

MY LORD has given my guidance. Am I not alone?

Hear me my Lord what do you want? What can I do to help you?!”

A lake with a city surrounded by walls and towers, what can this place be? Is this where I need to go?

Perhaps I need to avoid this place? No that’s too convoluted, I need to go here or do something with it. That must be it.

“Yes, I see your vision My Lord, what do you want to teach me”

The lake is larger?

No, that is no lake, it’s too large, a massive body of water with a new town another town? It is being build. I don’t know this place.

What do I need to do with this town? I don’t know how to go here. Wait no someone is approaching from the road. Many many people are coming in dark cloth. Do I need to join them? No. No I don’t, they… They are not the same as me they are… different.

They know of this town.

They know of the other town.

They will come during the waxing crescent

Why does this matter? What do I need to do with this information? Are they friend? Are they foe? Who do they follow?

“My lord I grow weaker every day, what must I do, I don’t understand!”

I don’t understand, I don’t feel good, I feel weak. My eyes if I have them grow heavy