Leader: Mazikeen
Pips (Mazikeen’s Familiar)
Trailblazer: Kaladin
Scout: Logain
Jardeis the dragon
Nuemu (Jardeis’s pet)

Mazikeen Wondered to her self was this the right place to search for the things she has been looking for four years now. Fresh off the boat with her companions Logain and Kaladin with only a few days of rest at the tavern they decided it was time to finally put their respective skills to the use. 

They found some other adventuring group members and set out to help people in need and make some gold along the way if they can. However they needed to purchase some clothing to fit the weather first not having come prepared. 

After purchasing some cold weather clothes and some rations for the journey they set out with three other members from the city to a local farmstead. 

Mazikeen was very off put when they found the farmer as he was currently tilling frozen ground at his farm with his baby girl strapped to his back. The Farmer asked the group to go look into some old females in the forest nearby.  

The group set off towards the forest and camped out for the night as soon as they reached the forest. Nothing eventful happening besides some small talk along the way. 

That night marcus casted create water to provide the water for the group and mazikeen was warry of him as her kind has been set to believe they are evil. She knows better though having traveled with Logain and Kaladin for so long. 

The next day the group encountered the older lady’s in some hollowed out trees that were still standing and made negotiations to retrieve a plant for them in return for seeds for the farmer. They also discussed what they wanted the baby for from the farmer. Apparently to teach it “magic” but really alchemy.

The group set out to find the plants to the west we were told it would be guarded by redcaps. Unsure of the dynamics of everything that was going on she took a more back seat role then she would like letting some of the more familiar people do the negotiations and planning and offering input when she thought was needed.

Originally the plan was to attack these forest people but decided that was uncalled for when we realized they were a more neutral party then the wizards we were dealing with. The group went back to the two female wizards.

On the way they found an abandoned cabin that had a lot of  coins inside. The group unable to carry it all due to the immense wait used Logain’s magical powers to contain them all. 

Dispatched of one of the two female hags with one of them going invisible and getting away. The group learned that they were stealing the life force out of youths  and most likely taking it for them self’s with a ritual they had in the back. This was learned from marcus turning some centuries older then he was when he stepped in. Kaladin and myself came to the same conclusion that the next thing that went in would probably get the stolen life force in. 

With some rations for convincing Marcus took a step back into the ritual regaining his years of youth. There was a brief conversation of having Jardeis go in to age him up faster but he decided that wasn’t for the best. 

Jardeis destroyed the ritual and a large explosion was rippled out. Thankfully no one was hurt by the explosion. There was a green pool that had a connection to the river of styx also known as the river of blood. That contains souls. Unable to do anything about it with there current equipment the group left it.

On the way back Mazikeen wandered to her self, about how this was the right choice to come here. There are many evils that need to be corrected and these hags were just the start. She mourned quietly to her self for all the children the hags had taken the youth from. Not having the best child hood her self she kept her anger in check for the farmer when they returned and decided to let the group handle him to keep from putting the man down her self. 

On the way back she wondered a lot about how much Marcus even though he was naturally her enemy, was a critical part of the success of the team on this adventure. She knows that not everything she was taught in her order is correct but years of being taught something are hard to forget even years later. 

I am not sure what happened after that as i went back to the tavern to have a gold drink and go sit at the docks and wait for the sun to come up.