Party: Jyn, Balthier, Zugall, Marcus, Murdrum, Don

Mission: Take Celestial Scroll to Lady Moonflower

Side Objective: Speak with Ja’n

It is the power of the mind to be unconquerable. -Seneca

Day 1: We left from Ruined Oak and during the first day of travel we found a necklace and ran into a Blue Scaled Lizardman and his nomadic tribe. The leader says his name is Nau. They said the land to the east is bare and the forest here is also bear. I suspect the gnolls are responsible for this. They mentioned they were headed north towards the JubJub peaks. We met a small group of individuals during the night and they seemed friendly enough. We invited them to the camp. Their leader went by the name Harry. Harry and his crew were disciples following Ezekial (high priest of Jamb) from what I could understand. The rest of the night was uneventful.

Day 2: Travel for the day was peaceful but we saw a watchtower to the east. We suspect it was the Legions but we did not investigate for fear of being discovered. Camp was peaceful.

Day 3: Balthier insisted we head to the place where his daughter is so after some deliberation the party decided to take him there first. We force marched the whole way to where spider’s reach outpost and went to the Giant Crag but also known as the Portal’s Mind to some. We talked to J’an and Balthier pulled out the items he has been collecting and gave them over. J’an asked us who deserved a reward, Don and myself stepped up. They said we needed to sacrifice and followed Balthier’s lead by impaling our hands on the iron spikes in front of us. After that the area turned from a literal hellscape to a serene beautiful forest like grove, possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes upon. After the sacrifice the whites of my eyes became a starry background. The pupil itself became a tiny starburst of light which was surrounded by it’s purple Iris that pulsates lit in a manner that looks as if they were moving. These physical changes happened not only to me but to Balthier as well. Don’s eyes glowed purple but her changes weren’t as severe. This not only changed my appearance but I can feel new powers lingering within me that are screaming to get out. I cant understand it quite yet but I know that I can use these powers for the good of PTI. We also fought some Ropers before all of this but we won. The only importance of that was that I grappled a roper and we didn’t die.

Day: 4-6: We rested as the sacrifice took its toll on our bodies. During this time Murdrum studied the area and came up with the conclusion that he thinks J’anice is the rapidly forming avatar of a neutral god (J’an) and thinks it odd that it wants to manifest as a child instead of a fully matured being as is normal for avatars. I am not sure what to think of this personally. I believe Ja’n is worshiped through the worship of Jamb as well but I am not completely sure how the two are related.

Day 7: We headed out towards Broc Lees cave. Lady Moonflower arrived as a beautiful flying dinosaur creature with wings that sparkled in the sun. She has the power to change into creatures as easily as me snapping my fingers. I asked about why she wanted the scrolls and she said they were part of a children’s storybook that she dropped a long time ago. She is collecting them to keep them away from those who would misuse them. She seems to be of good character and said she would help the adventurers of the AFK if we helped her obtain the final two scrolls. I used my new ability to use True Sight and looked at Lady Moonflower to see if she was hiding another form. She was not but instead I found what resembled a tether of sorts. Assumedly this tether is from J’an. Murdrum said that from my description it was an ethereal parasite possibly but Balthier thought it might be symbiotic in nature. Considering the powers that now course through me I would have to agree. Why would J’an give me the power to see this tether if it was bad but at this point its hard to say. There is obviously some correlation with the boon and the tether though that much I am sure. When I pointed this out to Balthier he initially showed that he possesses a door knob that originally belonged to Ezekial and is infused with the power of Jamb. It has several rare gems embedded in it, one of which is cracked. It was detailed as having been what allowed J’an access to Sleeper Island through the portal where the alter was located.

Day 8: We left Broc Lees and found some ruins near the forest west of Broc Lees Cave. These ruins had undead and treasure inside. Balthier suspected Vampires were the owners. We decided to leave it for another day. The bridge to the area is broken. So bring something to cross it. We investigated the meteor site impact by the road and I managed to knock a chunk off with a well placed blow. Afterwards we set up camp the watch was uneventful other than some Greyscaled Lizardfolk who said they were not our enemies.

Day 9: Travel was peaceful and camp was uneventful. Creatures seem to make way for this formidable group. We did find a parchment in the night that had illusory script upon it that was basically an advertisement for a local brewer.

Day 10: The rest of our trip was uneventful as we arrived in Ruined Oak.