Nalkris + Avarace, the most fantastic Raven in the world along with a Eladrin Servant of the Raven Queen (Warlock)
Jub – Good with bugs and trees, and he will help and kill us, and cook for us, nice fellah.
Don – Short wood-elf in armor, she has scrolls as well, and a strange flask
Marcus + Bolt – Everyone knows Marcus
Zugall – half-orc, pale skin, golden eyes, silver maul weapon, javelins on his back, chainmail and extra hand on his right hand.

Marcus warned us this was a dangerous area we travelled towards, we travelled South-East, then thrice East, on the first day, after setting out from Port Mirandia, which concluded our travels from the first day

That first day was uneventful until late evening, as we was getting tired, where we saw a small village, with smoke rising from the chimneys, a well-lived village, hobgoblins was stationed at the fence around the village.

Marcus told us about that village in the morning, and how it would be a good place to rest, if they will let us.

Marcus rode ahead to the gate, asking if we would be allowed to enter their village, so we could rest there for the night.
This led to us being shown to the travel-lodges just outside the village, which appears to be make-shift huts made from wood and dried animals skin, and a central area that appears to have been often used for campfires, and a campfire was already lit there, with a small humanoid sitting and warming itself by the campfire.

Marcus rode ahead, and we followed towards the camp-grounds of travel-lodges.

Kippon was the fellow, a large eared grey skinned small creature, who travelled the mountains looking for animal hides, he saw something terrible happen in the mountain.
Something came up and destroyed the guardian, who held those who should not be here in place, those who should’ve gone to their eternal rest.
Now they are slipping back in, making the area too dangerous.
He says its true that the area is swarming with undead now.
The spirits can turn up the weather and turn the very land against one going there, and we should fear for our animals as well.

Those who destroyed the guardian was a mixed lot, one was mounted on a horse, as the guardian came out to warn them, and not proceed any further, but they was hellbent on getting in there and they destroyed the guardian, as he was trying to keep the spirits contained, as soon as they attacked him, his concentration weakened immediately and a large pile of bones came up and began attacking people, but they still didn’t stop their assault on the guardian, still hellbent on going where stuff was sealed away, but they still went down there, and must have messed with the seal, but Kippon doesn’t know, as he didn’t go down there himself.

He wouldn’t be able to recognize them, as humans all look to much alike with their smooth featureless skin.

We offered to help trying to do something about these spirits, or perhaps die trying.

Currently only trade with the gruffgruff, and centaurs and fishfish clans.

He heads the words of Kwimwi and Yashashahshirie

Evil creatures up there bigger than our horses, and we should fear for our lives going up there, alright, exciting.

Before we went to sleep, Jub made us food with his hat-pan, hat-soup it was called and it was a dish we would get to enjoy this tasty magical creation for dinner each night of our trekking when we made camp, as Jub would dutifully prepare it, as a great comrade.

Next morning, after an uneventful night, we continued east up came upon a pire, where a body had been cremated, and we detected the presense of undead energy lingering around. It didnt seem wraithful or angry and did not attack us, but instead someone felt it move south-east towards the forest.

After travelling another hex to the east, we was in a path leading further up into the mountains, we came upon a grey, slightly blue-greenish creature, with spikes for legs and a spike boney arm, and an elestaic stretchy body and extremeties, and a worm-like neck and head, with a humanoid face and overall humanoid shape of legs and arms, except the details of spike endings and such, as detailed above, we started trying to name it, but it seemed hard to settle on a suitable name for it, many was discussed.

Streetchy Swingy Arm seemed to be patroling and guarding its own little path, we discussed names, including Bad Touch Blobber,

As we tried to sneak past Bad Touch Blobber formerly known as Streetchy Swingy Arm, a creature of slithering ooze and another of flowing living rock attacked from behind, as if parts of the mountain itself was objecting to our presense here near these accursed energies.

Spikey-McHarpoon Arm formerly known as Bad Touch Blobber tried to harpoon me from nearly 50ft away, as I split from Avarace again, and another creature, a foul devlish looking hound, came up from behind the party to attack

Then another hellish hound appeared behind to attack us, enemies was indeed swarming in these mountains as Kippon said, through they didn’t appear as undeads.

Yet another creature of living stone came out to attack Jub this time, all my friends behind utterly occupied by the increasing horde, leaving me to deal with Derpy Jerky Wormface formerly known as Spikey-McHarpoon Arm, I decided I had to go help them with the swarm first, and then we would deal with the original bastard.

I pushed one of the living piece of the mountain over the edge of the ridge, but it clinged to the mountain, and didn’t fall down and get more hurt, and slid down towards my friends, yet Ugly-ass Elastic-Spearhands formerly known as Derpy Jerky Wormface threw his elastic harpoon arm across the rocks and this time hooked me like a fisherman does a trout, disabling me from moving further away.

Pushing it away with a repelling eldritch blast did knock the harpoon out of me, fortunately and we soon killed all the monsters and searched through them, I personally will never mourn the Derpfaced Harpoon-Slinger formerly known as Ugly-ass Elastic-Spearhands or any of his kind, those are horrible creatures.

For our dangerous trial and victory, we was able to gather 7 gems of various kinds from the creatures bodies, 2 Carnelians, 1 Chalcedony, 1 Jasper, 1 Sardonyx, 1 Star Rose Quarts and 1 Zircon.

We looked up at the snowcovered mountains above us, and we ventured onwards.

Personally I settled on Dperfaced Harpoon-Slinger, but others had their personal favorite name, so we left that discussing, and found some ruins slightly further east, not even another hex into the mountains, the ruins was bare stone and covered in snow, seemingly uninhabitated, and we came across a plaquered kind stone with the inscription “Hall of Horitimesh”

We was uncertain of whom this Horitimesh was, perhaps a lesser deity, or a powerful lord of an age gone-by.

The area seemed to have been picked clean long ago with no treasures left behind for us.

While taking a short rest, in the distance, like half a mile away, we saw a dozen creatures looking like kobolds, dragging a net containing what might be a basilisk, a 10 legged creature with spikes upon its back and glowing eyes.

During the last part of our trek east for the day, we came upon the corpse of a enourmous giant and decided to make camp in its ripcage.
We was able to make a campfire, as Jub was able to use his magic to shield the light of our fire from being detected by enemies in the distance, making it safe to get some warmth up here in the heavy snow.

Our sleep was initially disturbed by a bear gnawing on a dug up frozen carcass, leading to Zugall waking us all up, as he just heard the bone-cracking gnawing sound in the dark, but as we found out it was just a Brown Bear, Jug communicated with it, and as it just insisted on the frozen-meal being its and we couldn’t have anything, we just went back to sleep and let it eat.

We travelled another uneventful day east, and made camp, once again covered by Jub’s magic, shielding our campfire from being detected by enemies

During his watch, Jub woke up us due to a hidious giant spider climbing down towards the camp, but just as we rallied up to face it, a largethis hideous creature with leathery dragon wings and three heads; one each resembling a lion, a dragon, and a gorgon. The back half of its body resembles a gorgon’s hindquarters, and the front half resembles a great lion.

As we started fighting it, Don blessing us with her divine powers, the mountain-floor beneath us started shaking and making disturbing troubling noises, and the spider kept approaching, apparently not detered by the appereance of the three headed flying monstrosity.

The a female wizard, looking like those I grew up around in the feywild, appeared, making itself seemingly become visible, having been invisible until now, casting foul spells towards Marcus, I couldn’t see her initially, as she was behind a ridge upon which Marcus stood, but what a witch, she deserved death, and a swift one at that, along with her couple of apprentices, who was also casting spells towards Marcus.

I saw it, as I stormed forth and used my Vampiric Touch for the first time, going into melee alone with the large 3 headed assembly-beast.

Zugall joined me, but then ran on towards the witchbitches, to take out their casters, and as if we wasn’t facing enough danger, a monster burst up from the ground in the middle of the camp, with 6 legs of razor-sharp fangs, scales and spikes on its bag, and a mouth large enough that it looked as if it could swallow Jub whole.

As the poison of the chimera restrained me in place, I was hit 8 times by its claws and bites, until it brought me down and I felt the sweet embrace of my Queen, welcoming me to her realm in death, but then I felt the overly sweet energy of life from Marcus bring me back, well, I shall live to continue to serve, I shall see my Queen soon enough, and destroy more of her enemies before then.

Then, as we put the chimera down and was taking the seemingly boss of the spellcasters down, and nearly had the hive lord under control, 2 huge giants with heads growing out the side of their necks came into view, followed almost immediately by a red skin devil teleporting around and casting fireballs and dispelling our magic, turning the tide heavily against us.

I was told, that as me and Don was dying on the cold snow-covered ground, they offered to let us all live, if the others surrendered, which they did.

It was then explained we had accidentially invaded the red skinned demon mage’s domain, and he had reacted accordingly.

He then demanded one willing soul had to remain with him, for the rest to be allowed to go.

One having to stay and Jub having voluntered was what I awoke to.

The Lord of the Mountain was what we would adress him as, or Mesholfinus.

I voluntered to, after I asked his name, as given above, and if the undeath on the mountain was his allies or enemies, and getting a satisfying answer, including destruction of the undead could lead to the willing souls release from bondage, I would gladly stay with someone who might let me kill undead, and as I gave my friends my bag of holding, to bring back and give on in accordance with my will, I waved farewell and welcomed my new life in service not only to my Queen, but also to the Lord of the Mountain, even if he will never be as important and mighty as my Queen.

Thats the last I remember, before waking up, apparently bit over a week later, in the snow outside Port Mirandia, with a group of adventures, Cedric, Sneaker, Lyle, Julijonas and Jelo, who just found me there.
It appears I was freed from servitude to my new lord, the Lord of the Mountain, and given back, so someone must dealt with the undead as he commanded. Maybe in time I will recall what happened during my week of servitude.

All I know for now, is that the Lord of the Mountain is honorable and keep his word, so might best make an ally of him for us, rather than an enemy.