Party: Don, Zugall, Marcus, Jub, Horace, Balthier
Mission: Retrieve Shard

Early in the morning the group meet in Ruined Oak, after  a brief planning we headed out heading along the newly built road, met a strange traveler whom stepped aside and let us move on.

War of the Elements. On our way to the Jubai Forest, Dead, we saw a colossal construct with riders on the top which only became visible to us after it started moving. Whirling Fire assaulting what appeared to be large amounts of elementals, Don determined that the elementals were summoned and controlled. Most likely by a large number of casters.

Having a mission we pressed on, That night a Sliver like Construct engaged our encampment, and disaster fell upon our party. The Construct like Sliver was able to fire light from its eyes which paralyzed it’s targets. At one point Zugal was holding down the creature preparing for what surely would have been the killing blow, The creature then vanished from our sight. Not knowing where it went we waited for a little bit and decided it had probably ran away. After settling down Balthier proved to be more Vigilant than most of us as the creature re-appeared and attacked us again it’s parts mended. Eventually Jub, Don, and Zugall fell victim to these beams, and just as I released Don from the paralysis effect, Zugall shook it off, and then the creature took Jub and vanished again.

Upon re-appearing it seemed to be shoved thru the dimensions by a gauntleted hand and a voice in multiple languages at once said “You have been warned before, Begone” as the creature was forced back into our realm the creature was crushed a little bit as the party was ready this time. However… Jub was dead.. According to the wishes of Jub we made it back to Ruined oak.

On our way back we stopped at an obelisk that we had seen previously to try and figure out what it was for, making little headway except for being able to read the celestial Language: Secure.

Moving on from that obelisk we ran into the same being we had left on the road just the other day, not too far from where we had met them before.  This time we stopped to talk, His name Mr.Blue and he was selling things, expensive things.

The rest of our travels was uneventful as we returned jub for his true death.

We have failed today and lost a Noble Soul

Stay safe my friends
-Marcus Wellspring