DM: Geokhan

Dramatis Personae
Aodh – The Shaman of Suffering and our dauntless leader – Played by RCB
Barren – We see dead people – Played by TooTired78
Imogene – I guess size does matter – Played by Fearless
Danivoy – The Hunched Forager – Played by Seph
Zazoz – The Initiate Magus – Played by Sauce
Peren – The Friendly Hedgehog – Played by Jonathan

We began our journey jumping through the portal near Ruined Oak. The new frog person Zazoz froze solid, but we got him back up easily enough. Upon entering the Frostlands, we found a path heading west. We followed it, though we lost the trail quickly as we continued on our way in the snowstorm. Eventually, we came to small druidic hut and a circular stone gate. The hut contained little besides a family of birds that conveyed many visitors of late, included the grey folk, we later came to know these as Valcernians, as well as druids and other adventurers. Additionally, we found runes on the floor labeling the hut the “Waypoint of Morgotha.” We also found a warning label of an illithid on the walls, though we haven’t heard of any specific location they could be located.

We continued West and came upon a hunter, Turbi of the Valcernian, who told us more of this strange land. As other adventurers have noted, the land is enchanted, apparently by a group called the Maidens, who are ancient and powerful. They did this to protect the land from the Black Goo, a deadly blood disease amongst the ruins of the arrogant old civilization that came before. There are a number of tribes, including the Lion, Wolf, Tiger, and Bears, but also there seem to be Circles of Druids in the region. We were warned that to the Northeast, there are dangerous ruins with remnants of that Black Goo.

We thanked Turbi and made camp nearby, avoiding another ruins in the area. That night, we were beset upon by undead facsimile of our former gnoll enemies, as well as other strange creatures when a hound gave out our location to eveyrthing nearby. There were also creature, impish in nature, that were shrouded in magical darkness that exploded when dead. I made short work of most of the enemies while the rest cowered, and I was able to find a note in the hands of one of the infected gnolls, no doubt curse by the Black Goo, which read as the following…

“Take the team and scout out the new lands the Heros have discovered. Report back your findings. Hail Grimace.”

Apparently, our eastern enemies have found a way to use the portal system, and have been tracking our movements through them somehow. This does not bode well for our adventuring parties.

We continued northeast, mapping as we went, though we had short encounter that night what Imogene swore was some strange unicorn though I’m pretty sure my party was seeing things as someone else recounted the presence of a fox that didn’t understand the beast speech of our Firbolg comrade.

Either way, we continued west and the back northeast, having a brief encounter with a wolf before reaching some of the most beautiful women I have seen on the island and their bear friend. Kalido, the older, but indeed fair, magus challenge use to a test of strength. As a Shaman of Suffering, I saw this as a win-win, and happily jumped at the opportunity to wrestle with a worthy opponent. We fought valiantly, Peren having dropped, but as our stamina wore thin, I submitted to her will all the same. She was extremely gifted in the art or pain; I should like to experience her ways again some time.

We spoke more with them about the goings on of the forest, and they clarified a few things. The west of that location was too dangerous for us, and they confirmed the information we heard about the ruins. After that we headed home, briefly fighting some strange small creatures that ran at us in the night and tried to run away with some of our adventuring party.

We continued home after I valiantly protected our party once more, and we able to do so without much issue from that point on.

Merria, Kalido’s ward
The Lovely Kalido, Protector of the Frost
Creature from the warning
Turbi the Valcernian
The Waypoint of Morgotha