Green... Red... Brown... Why do they have giant axes!?

I’ve been told that taking notes and observations on all excusions in the name of Allied Freeholds of Katashaka should be made. Most reasons are for a system of accountability and backtracking for important information that might have been taken but not evaluated at the time. Reflecting back on this adventure is quite a harrowing task as I could have sworn that my life was going to end at that moment. 


Historical Events of Importance:


  • Discovery of mysterious text: “The Spider Book.” Details of the book speaking about a power struggle between the entities of an Owl and Spider. Currently unknown to where they might be but reports have sparing information on a race of spiders.
  • Combat between magick’d creatures made of paper. Two Tabaxi later approached the group with information about how they were tasked with keeping the area around their camp safe. Information about the strange orcs was attained here.
  • A recent ambush site by the orcs was found a few miles away from their cave to the northwest. Our attempt to fight the orcs in their own cave was foiled due to our inexperience. We were saved by the same Tabaxi group from earlier and made a tactical escape.

Location of the Orc Cave

Enter at your own hubris or peril.

As this is my first adventure here I would like to mark a few personal feelings as a new inhabitant to the island. Things seem to be a lot more… wild? Primal is perhaps a better description. A band of orcs being so bold as to commit highway robbery on a sanctioned road of AFK. Odd locations of tea parties and roaming magical creatures that seem to be aggressive on sight. As a man who has a mission to resurrect his beloved, I must wipe my memory of the mainland’s danger and acclimate quickly to this new land.

That being said… I must also solidify some new threads of companionship at the very least. Some of the stronger individuals have regular groups that they go on excursions so it is likely that I should find a group to cultivate my findings and development.


For those looking for a far more indepth recording of this adventure without my thoughts, I recommend looking toward Xavier’s writings. He seems to have a knack for meticulous detail that I have yet to grasp fully.