DM:Waylander – 21Sep2021
Players: Nog (7), Jyn (9), Gau (8), Barry (7), Katla (8), Nalkris (8)

Nog meet with Jyn, Gau, Barry, Katla, and Nalkris to help Port Mirandia secure funding for a hunting lodge. We met the potential benefactors and were instructed that we were to assist them in a hunt for  rare trophies.

Lord Custer

Lord Husken

Lord Fregion

Lady Serrendil

Lady Kitara

rOur first days travel went largely without incident. Toward’s the later half of the day we found a corpse of a large dinosaur. The corpse was 3 days old. We spent the night nearby. Only thing that happened was some minor tremors to the east, which is where we headed in the morning. We came upon a field with many more dinosaur corpses and this time they were fresh.

Party decide it time to try and attract creature. Nog jump and try to get creature’s attention, but Nog not big enough apparently. Gau knocked on ground a couple of times at some point his knocking make a big shake. Party prepare to fight and a very large land sharks jumps on Gau. Nog not see the little ones right away, but they there. Nog wish Nog knew what happened during battle, but Nog was once again swallowed by a creature. Nog  can  only assume the battle was fierce and Nog’s companions were heroic. 

The nobles collect their trophies and we decide to continue to search for prey after a short rest. Party finds many tracks, tracks we choose to follow leads us to running into a group of skelebobs and a very large skelebob. That fight was very quick, though Nog did get to smash 2 skelebobs! Party continue to follow the path the skelebobs were taking and lead us to goblin village in much need of fixing. Nog not been here before, but Barry and Katla say they had. They also say last time the village not infested with skelebobs. Skelebobs not bother us and Nog talk to funny looking winged goblins. Nog not sure of all details, but apparently evil door was opened at some point and they creature within had taken control. Mergrdeth. Nog try to get description so that party might get some better info back in town. Goblins say he about as tall as Nog, bald, have open cavity in chest, and long arms, not as long as Nog arms, but long. Possibly dead not dead. In any case nobles are uncomfortable at this point and party agrees it time to return home with trophies. And we do.




PS. Goblin village in these hills south of Port Mirandia.

~~Also Nog