Players: Zugall, Amber, Ander, Nymphodora, Tabbytha

DM: krforget93

Mission Brief: Farm in need near Port Mirandia.

We arrive to the farm in question a short time after leaving PM. The Farmer there explains that they have a problem with hole in his field. The hole or whatever is coming out of said hole is eating his cattle. Upon further investigation of the hole and a cow corpse that was left behind by the culprit, we manage to discover evidence of Spider Activity. We attempt to set up an ambush and wait for the spiders to come feed. We decide that after being discovered by the spiders it was time to head into their turf.

We are met with a warm welcome by the spiders as Nymphodora is almost immediately struck down by a mass of crawling spiders. After about 30 seconds of intense fighting we come out victorious with none of our party members succumbing to their wounds. We rest then loot. We find a note on a body saying, “The entrance to the Gar Maldir Dwarfs can be found at the base of the Himdun mountain’s. It is here below the depths of these peaks their homes may be found.” I have no idea what this means now but maybe some other adventurer will find use of it.

After a few more skirmishes we manage to clear the Spider cave and within the last chamber where the queen resided we found what we believe is a fossilized Dragon egg. We attempted to remove it and bring it back to one of the taverns to use as d├ęcor but well we didn’t have a shovel. That’s the lesson to be learned here folks. Bring a damn shovel. You probably wont ever need it but the one time you don’t have it you’re gonna wish ya did. Finally after we were sure the spiders were dead we headed out and told the farmer the good news. Then we had a quick journey back to PM and now I am wondering how different my night would be if I would have had that damn shovel.

This concludes my log.

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