Tl;dr: A group of adventurers set out from Ruined Oak intent on finding the bear NW of RO causing trouble. They successfully do so, but in the process discover a second issue in the form of a Hag named Isriam that transfigured an Arch-Druid and his daughter into furries.

Future Adventure Notes:
•A recipe for a potion to weaken the hag was discovered.
•White Flower with Golden Bulb from the peak of the spine needed for potion.
•”Golden Pumpkin” from Silent Forest required for potion.
•Many Legged Alligator Egg/Egg Sac needed from Swamp.
•Don’t get eaten by the pumpkin mentioned above.

Session Title : what should we do today?
Session DM : TSI
Session Date : 20 Jan 2022 @ 00;30 UTC
Session Risk : 6ish

*Formatting above ripped from TooTireds log*

Characters: Shep, Stark, Hammay, ZuggZugg.

We set out from the town of Ruined Oak on a mission to find the bear that had been sighted by some in the area northwest of Ruined Oak, the bear in question had been reported to be wearing a bow tie.
Once we entered the woods we met a nice old man by the name of Arben, who makes candles, he offered us soup but we declined in order to find the bear in the bow tie.
At some point or another we awoke from our long rest to a note on a piece of wood. “Follow” it said, and so we did. We found the trail of what seemed to be a bipedal feline of some sort and followed the tracks to a cave. We entered.

The second worst decision of my life so far.

In the first chamber I thought I noticed the movement of one of the mushrooms but my party members passed it off as the ramblings of a mad man. A shame. Once we were a little farther into the cave, the ambush was sprung, the mushrooms around us started moving in roves and attacking with their mushy bodies while endless waves of rats seemed to spring to existence swarming anybody they came into contact with. I’m not sure what happened with the others but at one point I was knocked out whilst getting double teamed by a swarm of rats and one of the mushy people. I awoke with my raven looking down upon me with disappointment and the shouts of my cohorts receding towards the cave entrance. I took that as my cue to get the hell outta dodge, and cast a spell upon myself to quicken my escape. The party as a whole made it to the entrance and the druids healed us whilst ZuggZugg stood stalwart against the waves of enemies attempting to leave the cave. Eventually they stopped coming and we decided to rest for the day and attempt a second siege the next morning. Upon re-entry we didn’t encounter many enemies aside from some shiny oozes that were hiding in the pond, almost killed Qrow the damned things. We swiftly dealt with those and moved on to find a stone door with scratch marks upon it. Behind it was quite frankly the hugest bear I’ve ever laid eyes upon and a humanoid cat-lady. In his stunted speech Yogin introduced himself and his daughter and allowed his daughter to regale us their tale and that of which ails them. She told of the Hag Isriam whom Yogin the Arch-Druid and his fellows spent the last of their powers entrapping her in the magical basement of their home. From what ZuggZugg said it seems that Isriam was released and that caused Yogin and his daughter to awaken from their slumber. Isriam appears to be capable of turning people into anthropomorphic animals and causing them to go feral whilst being under her command. Yogin was able to preserve some of the mental faculties of himself and his daughter. Yogin’s daughter led us into the next room, an alchemical chamber of some sort and prepared to create a potion to weaken the Hag but found herself lacking the necessary ingredients. She told us she needed a white flower with a golden bulb from the peak of some mountain in the spine, a golden pumpkin from the silent forest, and an egg from a multi-legged alligator from the swamp. If we gather these materials and return to the cave (9 hexes NW and 2 hexes NE of Ruined Oak), Yogin’s daughter will be able to create a potion capable of weakening the hag, Isriam, so that we may kill her.

I, Shep, intend to assist these people in their vengeance, who’s with me?