Play by Post
Session Title: The Tempestuous Winds

Player List:

  1. Kiwi, Jyn, Cleric 7
  2. naiiz, Alessio, Cleric 1, Fighter 5, Ranger 1
  3. SpotHydra, Dwaff, Cleric 8
  4. Omelette, Orgeron, Fighter 4, Paladin 2
  5. TheOddity, Dimble, Sorcerer 7
  6. Drewid, Jelo, Cleric 4, Sorcerer 1
  7. krforget93, Shrieker, Ranger 5, Rogue 3

The day started of as overcast and dark. Everyone got together at the tavern, having a pre mission drink.
Jakaranda entered the tavern to inform us of the location that a pair of green dragons had been spotted.

Jakaranda mentioned that one was spotted near the north west edge of the forest of thorns. It was said to be around 10ft long giving us some relieve as it would be a juvenile dragon. The second was seen flying over the northwest edge heading the same directions as the first. It was also segested that we meat with the fey before heading after the dragons since they might be able to assist with further information. A fey representative would be awaiting our arrival.

On the road Allesio spotted a group of goblins heading east with an axebeak dragging a carriage stacked with their bags. For some reason they giggled amongst themselves once they noticed us.

After Shrieker and Dwaff called them over we learned they were on their way to go and see if hopgoblens would like some music. They told us they are a traveling band of goblin bards called The Goodgrooves. After some talking they agreed to regularly visit and play at functions for Peble Tos Ink. We said our goodbyes and were on or way.

Upon reaching the usual meeting spot we found Fairgale in the process of what seemed to be training. It was mentioned that a 10ft dragon flew northwest carrying 1 of 3 wild boars it had killed. It was also noted that a previously sealed bicorn had escaped after the dragon had appeared. Fairgale believed that the two events might have been related as the timing were too precise. The bicorn had disappeared towards the north somewhere.

We camped that night then talked to Fairgale once more. She asked that if it came to a fight with Stormwraith that if possible, we should spare him and return him to the Sori so that they might give him a fair trial. Before leaving w bid Fairgale our goodbyes then continued our journey.

The day was uneventful. We found a place to camp and food for the night.

The next night however was eventful. A woman named Bethanna joined us for camp that night, she mentioned searching for a Erulogia but have been unsicsesfull as far. Later a raven had appeared asking Orgeron and Dimble to kill one of their own in exchange for favours from its master. Orgeron attempted to catch the raven but was unsicsesfull in the matter as it slipped away and disappeared.

Mere minutes later with a bolt of lightning hiring the earth a horse like creature appeared. It’s rider a male devil with large wings and a forked weapon. It mumbled something before a green dragon along with a hunchbacked humanoid devil with green skin appeared as well.

This seemed to be the devil Stormwraith had made deals with as it mentioned that he had told them about us. It also seemed that they were after Dwaff a follower of Jamb.

The battle went in our favour despite the horned devil taking over Orgerons mind a few times and having him attack Dwaff. After the battle was over we learned that Erulogia was a large green dragon, mother to the one we had slain. Bethanna bid her farewell the next morning mentioning she was glad to have not accomplished her goal as it would have meant her death.

We traveled onwards coming across the body of a yantee that had been killed about three days prior. As evening began to fall Allesio found tracks that led us to a cave open to find Stormwrath. A large green dragon flew into the cave before coming out again and talking to Stormwraith.

After being found out Erulogia emerged demanding Dwaff (A follower of Jamb) give himself up to be consumed so that she may obtain power faster. A hard battle proceeded with the Erulogia consuming her young to empower herself. After the dragon fell Stormwrath ended the battle by giving up and allowing us to bind him in shackles that Jynn made and rope to bind his wings.

During that night Stormwrath gave warning.
“Before her demise, the dragon Erulogia told me about a larger dragon than her that lies far to the southeast of the island. A black dragon that has consumed thousands”

“Perhaps my efforts were to prepare myself against this threat. It is known as Grimace or Grimmys and will be a threat that either you or your comrades will face one day”

“His black wings remain slumbering for now but will not always remain so. His malevolence will spread once more in the near future.”

His words carry a heavy burden.

The following morning we left to return Stormwrath to the Sori. On the way a hobgoblin was spotted. He ran the moment he saw us. The next morning a tree of in the distance spontaneously combusted due to something about the weave of magic, I don’t know I’m not a mage.

That afternoon we found the same hobgoblin hanging from a tree with a note in Elvish stating “Criminal punished for attempting regicide against Sori”.

Upon our return Stormwrath and Fairgale shared a few words before he was taken away to be questioned and put on trial for his misguided actions. Fairgale thanked us for returning Stormwrath to them as well as complimenting us for taking out the dragon.

We returned home in one piece, victorious in our quest.