went to a farm and after getting the information that we needed from the Father of the missing person we found wolfs looking to eat us because where they were there was no food we entered into the hole which turned out to be a nest we picked up some eggs and found that this nest was inhabited by bug monsters after picking one up for himself he saw a stream of the acid fly past me at We managed to kill the first one we saw while I checked the corner I found Blue and Marcus fighting another. Shooting my bow hurriedly I missed and the creature spat acid at us we found the body of the boy we also got four Eggs of these weird bug creatures we intend to raise them as war machines and we also intend to use the wolf that danivoy befriended who he named Greybeard and three Anklyosourses after we walked the body back to farm we then brought the menagiry back to town. where we found a large sum of money in selling the animals.

ArtStation - Prehistoric Menagerie, RJ Palmer
We found a few animals