DM: @Krforget93

Samael (Rogue 3) [@TSS-Burger]
Istasha (Pugilist 2) [@Visi]
Amal (Fighter 3 / Rogue 1) [@Vexxd]
Ander (Paladin 4) [@Waylander322]
GarGot (Druid 2) [@Tim]
Julijonas (Bard 3) [@RedIron]

Our group assembles at the Potted Plant in Port Mirandia as we see a post on a bulleted board that was posted by a local farmer who needs help on his farm. After a brief conversation we decide to head out to his farm and prepare accordingly.
As we are heading out of town the weather is quite nice today. We take the road accross the bridge and arrive without any trouble at the farm.
There we see a small structure off to the side with some horses and a man who shows up with an axe in his hands. We introduce ourselves as a adventuring party from Port Mirandia and he gets a lot more friendly then. Apparently his son had made the post on the board a day ago and the problem with the farm are sounds during the night and the horses get very skittish.

While looking around the farm we find some footprints, that appear to be of horses. As we can’t find anything else that would give us any real clues about what is going on we decide to get some rest in the barn and be ready to experience first hand what causes the sounds during nighttime.
As preparation a total of two traps was installed at the gates.

During the night some of our party members hide in various locations around the fields of the horses or even on top of the farmer’s house.
As the sound begin we manage to see a group of creatures getting closer to the farm. When they are close enough to be identified we are able to see undead humanoids and even some undead horses that seem to be troubling the farm.

Worth noting might be for the following events that some of the undead humanoids rode on the horses and the undead humanoids were muttering some words which we couldn’t understand properly.

The rest of the night watch passes peacefully and on the next morning we report back to the farmer and let him know that his problem is taken care of. After all we do care about our local farmers!

After this we decided to follow the tracks that we found the day before.
In the distance we see some strange structures. As we get closer Amal sees some stone work which appear to form a very large circle. However GarGot does not see any druid marks on these stones.
Standing in the middle of the circle are red, black and blueish-purplish colored cloaked figures. Istasha shouts a warning to the group that these creatures might summon something.
At this moment we can see a small sphere that gets slowly bigger from which growls and grumbles are coming out.
The coming fight would probably have proven very dangerous looking back at it after I asked a bit around, but due to a cast fog cloud the creature, a zombie beholder, that posed the greatest danger seemed to be hindered by the cloud.
“For Vongrimath” is shouted from one of the creatures in giant.
On the stone table we find a strange book which doesn’t have a magic aura to it.
We then head back to the farmer and tell him what happened and travel then back to Port Mirandia.

Lesson learned: Always have a spellcaster inĀ  your party who is able to think quickly!