Play by Post
Session Title: Across the Golden Plains
Levels: 6-10
Risk: 6

Player List:

  1. Kiwi, Jyn, Cleric 10
  2. naiiz, Alessio, Cleric 1, Fighter 5, Ranger 1
  3. Omelette, Orgeron, Fighter 2, Paladin 5
  4. Konopa, Gau, Druid 9
  5. TheOddity, Dimble, Sorcerer 8
  6. RCB, Twee, Ranger 8, Cleric 1, Fighter 1

Leader: Jyn
Scout: Alessio
Trailblazer: Alessio/Gau
Chronicler: Orgeron

As always we started of with a drink. After a couple of hours travel me reached the farm, finding the farmer Charles Brown who told us of his crops being trampled.

With some ease we were able to follow the tracks left behind by what seemed to be a pair of horses. While following the tracks we came across wild blackberry that had an interesting quality to them. They were almost pure alcohol.

During one night a hobgoblin was found hanging from a tree. On its person we found a strange small pot that spoke once before going silent.

During the day we came across a centuar camp. We met some resistance before finding out that it was old allies, The Wise Hoof Clan. An older centuar named Khiron aprouched assisting with the issue at hand by identifying that the ones that trampled the crops were two of their younger centuar who were blowing of steam from they themselves being raided.

After some questioning it was found that their raiders were a goliath mage and her flesh golums. It was also learned that one of their own could have been taken after he had left you scout their whereabouts.

We agreed to find and return their ally. We made our way to where they last had seen the raiders go. With ease we found the missing centuar tied to a rock while his captors hid with the aim to ambush us.

They came out from hiding once they realised we knew they were there. They demanded we leave a sacrifice or gold to which we refused followed by combat. Somehow they had a red dragon on their side.

The battle was hard faught but we won. In doing so we also discovered the dragon was an illusion generated by some magical card.

The mage and her helpers

During battle the centuar was freed. Afterwords above one of the flesh golums an illusion came up. It seemed to be a pre recorded message.

This was the message left.

“Hello. I am Dr. Evilus. If you’re watching this, it seems you’ve defeated my golem. That makes a mirage like me… rage. No need to pardon the pun. It was intentional. If you’re saying something right now, I can’t respond since this is a pre-recorded thing. I just want to say that you’ve probably interfered with a nefarious plan of mine or one of my business partners, so I might have to kill you one of these days. If I ever finish a lair, I’ll include it in one of these messages. It’s just hard to decide on a design and find good real estate for it nowadays. Do you have a preference for what skulls work best as decoration? That’s a rhetorical question, but feel free to tell me if we ever meet,” the illusion of Doctor Evilus says chattily.

“Well, it looks like I have a few minutes left to record on this spell, so this here is a failed clone of mine. For the rest of this illusion, I’m going to practice my dance routine that I’m preparing for my birthday party. Enjoy your victory and this. While you can.” A bald humanoid about the size of a gnome appears, and together, he and Doctor Evilus begin to sing and dance the following number.

Seems the pair could be the life of the party.

We returned to the centuar camp, reuniting them before beginning our track back to the farm with the tramplers in tow.

On the way we came across Earl Sitaris and a monk named Doeumi who warned us of strange tremors. Good thing they warned us as we came across what seemed to be the cause of the tremors.

The battle was won with us literally taking our pound of flesh. We continued to the farm, completing the job before returning to town.