Tl;dr: A pixie named Lir flew to Port Mirandia to seek help for her home in the forest southwest. Her friends were being eaten by monstrous frogs. The group of adventurers successfully cleared the cave that was home of these creatures.
Adventuring Tip : Your teeth are important, try to keep them all.

Session Title : Suppression of Session Recession
Session DM : Tam
Session Date : 03 May 2021 @ 23:00 UTC
“Scout” and “Chronicler” Allecks Jones (Wizard 2)
Prof Babel (Rogue 4)
“Cartographer” Barry (Figther 3/Cleric 1)
Dakka Doon (Fighter 3)
“Leader” Decs (Rogue 3)
“Trailblazer” Peren (Barbarian 1/ Druid 2)
Zanras (Druid 2)

Barry and group gather at Potted Plant in Port Mirandia. Tiny green winged creature fly in, call for help. Barry think pixie. Pixie name Lir. Pixie Lir say four-legged green-skin froglike monsters attacking home and eating her friend. Pixie Lir point southwest. Barry and group agree to help and go.

Barry and group follow road southwest of Port Mirandia. Barry and group go half day before we hear noise. Barry not know what sound is, but group says monkey. Barry listen to Gnome Allecks while he talk about the Fey Agenda. Barry not sure how, but when he look around he can not find two people. Gnome Allecks say Fey stealing people. Barry consider.

Barry and group hear angry noise, start run toward. Barry arrive to find missing group members hurt and dead animals. Barry guess these were water monkey. Barry and group continue to forest.

Barry and group find recent campsite, fire still smoulder. Pixie Lir say monsters come from cave nearby. Sneaky people go in. Bird Babel make Barry hear mind word. Barry follow instruction to come in. Cave lit by glowing plant.

Barry walk in and shortly after hear fight. Then Barry attacked by evil looking fairy. Barry and group fight evil looking fairies and scary looking frogs. Gnome Allecks had tooth pulled by fairy. After fight, Barry and group find bag of teeth, all different. Someone call frog “shellycoats”

Barry and group go outside, tell Pixie Lir monsters dead. Pixie Lir happy to hear, give Barry and group glass jar of aloe smelling stuff. Barry and group decide to sleep. Barry and Bird Babel watch first, then Barry wake Goblin Dakka Doon then sleep.

Barry is woken by group saying noise. Barry wait a bit, then go back to sleep. Morning comes. Barry and group head back to Port Mirandia. At bridge southwest of Port Mirandia, Gnome Allecks see golden cats and runs. Barry not sure what cats doing, first they leave then they come back and swarm Triton Zanras.

Barry get ready to fight but Triton Zanras says they friendly. Barry stop, watch druids play with cats. Barry bored. Finally Barry and group go back to Port Mirandia.