Game Master: krforget
Date: 02/23/2021
Mission: Something New to Discover
Log Number: 5


Hello, it’s your girl Julijonas, your new Bard in town. I just finished up my “Dwarves and an Unfair Cave” log, which you should totally check out, and now starting up this one. I will get through this though, this adventure wasn’t too long, and not the Chronicler this time.

We were tasked to look into these werewolves appearances that started a week and a half ago (was it really that recent, felt longer ago than that). So the dilapidated McDonald estate was our first destination. On our way there, we came across mounted soldiers that mentioned some undead risings going on. Further along we found a rotting corpse of a female commoner with bite marks that seemed to have been fleeing to the town. A shallow grave was dug for her, but in hindsight, I probably should have snapped its neck so it wouldn’t rise considering the undead about.

Upon arriving to the broken town, the pit built before was still there, but the werewolf bodies that were thrown there have escaped somehow. However we couldn’t dwell on it for long as a pack of wolves and dire wolf appeared and the time for mercy has passed. Sky went down during the battle but since the mute Jelo put up a fog cloud, I couldn’t get him up. I also nearly went down but your strong party members were able to get the job done. A long rest was taken after that gruesome encounter, and it began to snow during our rest.

The paw prints left behind from the wolves lead to a place where this whole werewolf thing started so we followed it. There was a shallow grave along the path with nothing inside, although there were tracks that lead into the forest. We pressed on however to a cave/wolf den. Inside were wolves, a nice little pond and two werewolves, which were in their normal form, that were obviously the head of operations. Their names are Brian and Zak and are part of the Guild of the Ancient Stalkers. They claim glory to Kortan and Thorin for more information. After some chatter, they drew their weapons and the time for mercy has passed.

I couldn’t get a good look at their faces, though since Jelo farted again and it completely breaks my roll. So I turned invisible and went to check out more of this cave with Mike following behind. He was however mauled by a dire wolf and went down again. This is probably why he retired, that poor man didn’t even stand a chance to see the wonderful world of adventure. I found Marcus McDonald absolutely horrified who has been infected with lycanthropy, he told us that his family was slain and came back as werewolves. Though Nia McDonald was spared who you can learn more about in “A Furry Full Moon”. After dealing with the fools, we tied him up and made haste to the port. Another dilapidated structure was found on our way back, but we were in a rush so we paid little attention to it. Marcus was cured of the curse by Chemist, so all is good. Though I got the slight feeling of edge boy from him before I disassociated.

Thank you for reading my log, sorry for the lack of pictures this time. If you have any questions consider joining the Arcane Order, I should be in the lobby while I’m not adventuring. This is once again Julijonas, your new Bard in town, signing out.