Game Master: kr

Date: 02/04/2021

Log Number: 2

Hello, it’s Julijonas, your new bard in town (winky face). I was told that I should try to be “more professional” as the “Chronicler” since anyone can make a log these days. I suppose I have to do it that way. Don’t worry, I will still try my best to entertain you.

So, I went with Venford and Murdrum (the same dudes I was with last time) as well as Horace, Zugall, and Amal. I noticed that four out of 6 of us were Elven in some way. This made me realize that I probably wasn’t unique at all, and that’s okay, because there are thousand of other people just like you. Anyways, we were task with helping out Farmer Logan that had a sheep problem, as they were getting slaughtered every night.

Day 1

Our travels were quite chilly with light winds (if you must know). On our first leg of our journey, we saw an abandoned campsite a ways away from the bridge across a river (I didn’t get the name of it). There wasn’t much to it, do I really need to jot everything down. “It can be useful later, you never know when a little information can save your party from a TPK”. Ugh, fine. We came to a pretty battered down farm with some sheep carcasses thrown about. We were told by Farmer Logan that a pack of wolves would come by each night to have at them from the north west (it seemed more North East however). He also mentioned that amongst them was a wolf that definitely was larger than the others, perhaps like an Alpha wolf (though I’ve heard that there is no such thing as one). We were then scheming about the best way to trap these wolves, and a pit trap has been procured, which actually turned out mighty useful. Logan gave us some mutton stew for dinner as we prepared for combat.

When the full moon rose over the horizon, we heard the howls of wolves as they sure enough approached the site. One of the wolves fell into the pit trap and the time for mercy has passed. One of these wolves then stood up and we realized that it was a werewolf (which I l know people just absolutely adore for some odd reason). The regular wolves weren’t much an issue, but the werewolf was problematic. They were immune to normal sword strikes and we didn’t have have silvered weapons. In desperation, I grabbed a silver coin, put it in my sling, and threw it at the furry person. It did hurt it, but didn’t accomplish much as Zugall became a Giant and threw it into the pit. We also had spellcasters to accomplish damage. Some more wolves and werewolf came but those were a push over, mostly due to our Fighters pushing them into our Pit of Death.

I couldn’t get a good look at the werewolves, but this is basically what they looked like. I don’t need to tell you what a wolf looks like, if you don’t know go read a book. After putting all the wolves and carcasses into the pit, we set them ablaze. The sheep were proper spooked so I attempted to sooth them with my Performance. One of the werewolves had a golden locket with a small family on it in behind a farm house. Logan told us that it was the McDonald family that most likely became were wolves and that we just killed.

We then went to sleep with the regular watch cycles. On the first watch I was perceiving, a low hum came across the air, the earth shook, and goosebumps washed by me. I became uneasy as I woke up Zenford and asked if he can detect magic, but when he did so, he received some sort of negative psychic feed back and the spell dissipated with no effect. Later in the night, a meteor fell to the Earth a mile off the farm (which is way too close, we totally should have been hit by the sonic boom and died) and woke us all up. Sleep then came across all again and the new day began.

Day 2

Apparently there was also some figure that walked by the site but didn’t approach. Logan told us where the McDonald estate was and sure enough, we where there without issue. It was all in ruins when a small fog rolled by. We were in the middle of creating another pit when three werewolves emerged, and the time for mercy has passed.

The only issue with these, as mentioned earlier, was the fact that they were immune to normal strikes and we didn’t have any that were effective against them. During the battle, I hid in a ruined building and noticed some crying in a closet. After the battle, I opened it an saw a little, malnourished girl hiding with wounds across her body.

Her name was Nia McDonald, who told us that all her family and close friends were attack by werewolves and infected with lycanthropy under a “big moon.” She was scared, so I embraced her (I don’t know why I did, perhaps from mother instincts, but I don’t even have children). Thankfully she didn’t seem to be infected, so we took her to Logan so that she may live a normal life. There were some large beast on our way there, but we thought better of it and ignored them (I wonder what could have happened if we met it). We slept again at the farm as I told Nia bed time stories. I noticed a temple of no discernable deity by the farm and a stereotypical Wizard came by (maybe researching about the strange phenomenon we felt the night before). Before we left, I taught Nia the “f word” (aren’t I a great role model?)

Day 3? (It was just our way back)

We decided to take a look at the meteor that crashed by two night before and found that it was multicolored and smoldering hot. Venford cast detect magic on the meteor and found that there were multiple schools of magic residing within. However when he did so, the same strange sensation of goosebumps came by and his skin glowed blue. He wanted to get rid of it, but I personally find that it make him look dashing.

Thank you for reading my second log. I am currently at the Arcane Order so if you have any questions, swing on by and pass them my way. They are also recruiting so if you are a pretty capable caster, consider joining. This is once again Julijonas, your new Bard in town, signing out.