Party: Glanfath, Balthier, Marcus, Zugall, Griters, Bardy, Don

Mission: Vengeance for the Merchant

We came, We Saw, We Conquered. -Julius Ceaser

Day 1: We headed out from Port Mirandia with seven members. The travel was uneventful. Camp was peaceful.

Day 2: We ran into a Frost Giant whose name we learned was Thorm. I tried to make a deal with him to fight the dragons but he told me Grepa would be back soon and make that decision. Almost as soon as she got back she realized that I was the one who killed Jadeith and attacked. After a fierce fight we managed to kill her and her comrades. Afterwards we set up camp and a Silver Dragon named Argentius approached us. He said that the Giants of Yotenhiem and the White Dragons were feuding. He mentioned his daughter Silvia was lost and he is looking for them.

Day 3: While traveling we parleyed with eight frost giants. Their Cheiftan Nifil said he would give us information if one of us beat them in a drinking contest. So I got big and drank my weight and then some in good ol frost giant ale. It brought me back to my roots and no one could beat me back home and no one could beat me here. I drank that giant under the metaphorical table. We then continued traveling when we found some tracks of potential dragon activity. We then found three White Dragons with Blue eyes, A Hobgoblin and a Sorcerer. He didnt live long enough to give us his name. After we defeated them we rescued Silvia. We then set up camp for the night.

Day 4: We traveled and for the most part it was uneventful. We decided to push to Port Mirandia.