Game Master : Tam

Date: 01/30/2021

Log Number: 1

You know, there really wasn’t a lot of farming today. We more or less just talked to a farmer, dealt with some T O A D S, and killed people.

Anyway, from the beginning. Hello, I am Julijonas, the new bard in town (who am I kidding no one cares). I went on this journey with Marcus, Venford, Murdrum (did you notice that his name is a palindrome?), Gottlieb (what a hard name to pronounce), and Sneaker. I didn’t quite catch what their jobs were, but I believe that they were a Cleric, Wizard, Warlock, Paladin, and Rouge (oh, now I get it) respectively.

When we got together, Union Rep Farmer Stu came up to use and asked for some help. He said that they were having trouble farming as these giant T O A D S kept disturbing the crops and people (in more gruesome ways.). Also Ophelia, the daughter of farmer Lear, ran away since she loved someone that her father didn’t approve.

We then traveled to where these T O A D S were located and found them on a large lake with Ophelia floating in the middle of it. We made work of these large amphibians, oh, this is what they looked like.

So, we made quick work of these amphibians (with me stringing insults along the way) as Sneaker swam to Ophelia and dragged her to land. However, she seemed to have already perished, as her skin was blue and her hair was really long (even longer than mine). Ophelia was now some sort of undead sea hag, and can you believe this? She (it?) kissed Sneaker, drained his strength, and strangled him with her hair (now what a *****).

I mean seriously, look at this *****. Sorry, got carried away. We also made quick work of the now passed Ophelia and apparently, Marcus was spare the dying these T O A D S so we may use them as mounts. I personally doubt it will amount to much but hey, I have been surprised before.

After dealing with this whole kerfuffle, we investigated the pond and found some signs of struggle south east of it with tracks heading further north. So, after returning these T O A D S and ***** (sorry, Ophelia) to town, we ventured further and followed the tracks. You know, thinking back on it, I wonder how the tracks managed to remain after hours in the snow. They lead into a forest where a bandit camp was located. We all attempted to sneak by but unfortunately, one of us ruined the surprise (won’t name anyone but it certainly wasn’t me), and the time for mercy has passed.

Before I forget, this was what the bandits looked like. Yes, every single of of them, even the leader but we’ll get to that later. The fight was long and hard, even Gottileb got knocked out, thankfully I was there to bring him back up with healing word. PSA: Make sure to thank your supports (winky face). Also I got hit by one of them, which made me quite upset. After dispatching these goons, we investigated the camp and found some treasure, trinkets, and found these wonderfully crated love letters by the ***** for Markus, the bandit leader. I wonder how such a woman could have loved a man like that. Also, why are women so helpless? I am a woman and I haven’t gotten into any trouble.

We then decided to sleep in their tents, that smelled horribly, and walked back to town. On our way back we came across Jewels and Osgar who where going to the Gruff Gruff Tribe of Hobgoblins to visit a friend.

Thank you so much for reading my first log. Please visit me at The Bitter Dwarf at Ruined Oak if you have anything to recommend. This is Julijonas, your new bard in town, signing out.