I, Katla Gyrdottir, as well as several others were hired by a vassal called Friskie, an old goblin, to assist the son and grandson of Lord Baldour Flaurence the first in an owlbear hunt. My companions were Aodh, a northerner like myself, Shish, a goblin priest of sorts, Daisy, a surprisingly strong old woman, Zanras, a shapeshifting druid, and Qabal, some sort of wielder of the arcane. Our job was to secure an owlbear and let the nobles get the killing blows so they could “have the honor of the kill”. They seemed to be foppish and useless from what I saw. There was a fair amount of tension between Friskie and the two of them.

The journey there was fairly uneventful aside from an incident with large birds which was dealt with with relative ease. We arrived at the hunting site and found a number of other competitors. With the use of a spell from Shish we were able to scout out an owlbears cave. Over the night some saboteurs were identified by Zanras and Shish and dealt with. The next morning we went to the cave and attacked the owlbear. The lions share of the work was done by Aodh who wrestled the beast to the ground. We assaulted the beast letting our noble employers get the final blows. There were no incidents on the way back to town. I admit I am displeased with how they approached the hunt, thinking that they got any honor without contributing much to the hunt at all. Hopefully if I meet nobles in the future they will not be so… undesirable. However while the hunt itself left a sour taste, I am pleased to have met individuals who seem to be competent and affable.

Session title: Hunter or Hunted

Session DM: Omelette

Session type: Play by post over the course of several weeks.