Not long had my tired feet rested upon this island acursed
When into the tavern of Ruined Oak as me burst
Two distraugth souls, tired and weary
Lost two friends to creatures most scary

The surving souls names was Lina and Agbari
Their tale in me and Artanis awoke something fiery
Joined them for another trip we surely would
Turned out that was not of us shrewd

Journey out as us four to the south that day
Not knowing only one would return from the fray
Along the road, over the bridge our travels went
Our mood high and our hearts content

High price paid for a night at an outpost
A gold for a bed and not a single bite of toast
The Whisper Woods to the north next day we did go
Unaware almost all soon feed would the crow.

Passed a huge block of unnatural rectangular stone
Here recently great pain in souls had been sown
Yarras and Darby had underneath it meet their faith
Glibbering Mouths upon their flesh had been satiate

Ventured past this place of mourning
Felt this choice was most cunning
Came upon a tribe of orcs in a cave
Named Poison Witch Children they rave

Yolanta the witch that her nature deny
“Its just a name” she loudly cry
Witch hunters we be not, sickness is our foe
Orcs repeated the guards: North a shadow grow

Further north we went to the shadow chase
Soon came upon a horrible case
A half-elf upon a tree was impaled
In these woods darkness prevailed

The tree was alive with necrotic evil will
First into Lina did it drill
Soon Agbari too to dust was returned
The blight by only one tree lessened

Artanis too would by the blight be taken
We has all been way to brazen
Run was all I could do, to my shame
If I could, all the forest I’d set aflame

But instead all night I sneaked
Afraid any tree would creaked
Heed my warning, its still here the blight
It might not even yet have reacheds its height!

Yellow dotted line: Route travelled
Purple Square: Location of 10 feet wide, 20 feet long, 10 feet high stone block that apparently hid an entrance to an underground place with slimy monsters with ooze like bodies covered with toothy mouths.
Red Triangle: Orc camp of “Poison Witch Children” in a cave
Blue Star: Location where a blight tree was killed, but 3 comrades fell

DM: Waylander
Session date: 16th October 2021

Yarras – Level 1 Bard, Level 1 Warlock
Darby – Level 2 Cook
Agbari – Level 1 Fighter, Level 1 Wizard
Lina – Level 1 Paladin
Artanis – Level 2 Warlock
Morros – Level 2 Rogue
(Listed in order of death)